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The WingMakers - A Message for Humanity - Dr. Neruda's 5th Interview
[!]The WingMakers – A Message for Humanity – Dr. Neruda’s 5th Interview (720p)➤

(Google Translation from original Spanish)


 In 1972, in a remote area of northern New Mexico, a group of hikers discovered within an obscure canyon an unusual artifact and pictographs. The artifact was examined by an archaeologist at the University of New Mexico, who did research in the area where it was found, but found signs that showed the stable presence of a prehistoric culture in the canyon. It concluded that a nomadic tribe of Native American Indians he had occasionally used as a temporary camp and consequently had left behind some traces of their presence.

However, there remained two very puzzling questions. All the artifacts, but one could go back to the eighth century AD The exception, known as the “compass”, seemed to be an unusual form of technology and was found among the most common artifacts like pottery and simple tools.
The compass was covered strange hieroglyphic symbols, some of which were also found on the pottery.

Secondly, the pictographs that were found in the area had inexplicably appeared, and they were remarkably different from any other form of inscriptions or native rock art found in the southwest, to say the whole continent.

Because of these two anomalies, the artifacts and the entire project quickly became the responsibility of the US government, or more specifically the National Security Agency (NSA). It was decided that these artifacts might indicate a prehistoric extraterrestrial presence on Earth, and that the NSA had the appropriate program and everything you need to start a scientific expedition on a large scale in order to determine the nature and importance of the site.

In 1973 the latter was fully explored by a secret department of the NSA, but the only result was some further discovery that still revealed no technologies or evidence of an extraterrestrial presence. In addition they found other pictographic symbols, but their decipherment proved a difficult and frustrating process. He was asked the help of experts, but it was impossible to reach agreement on their meaning. As it had become a priority investigation, just as quickly, the project ended up in the archives of the NSA, with the code name of the Ancient Arrow .

Twenty-one years later, in 1994, some landslides opened a section of the Ancient Arrow site. The canyon is located in the naturally dark area of a park managed by the state of New Mexico. After its discovery in 1972, he was officially declared ‘off limits’ for hikers and campers and was to remain in its natural state. Occasionally, scientists funded by the NSA visited the place, hoping to uncover new evidence, but remained regularly disappointed.

Shortly after landslides, a small team of officials from the NSA visited Ancient Arrow canyon to do some research. They found that the landslide had revealed the entrance to a hidden cavern that led deep within the canyon walls.

On the bottom of this cavern, the research team found an entrance very well hidden that accessed a system of rooms and tunnels that had been cut into the rock.

Pictograms and hieroglyphs of the rooms 1-3

AND ‘a representation of the birth of the consciousness enters a space-time event to experience a Will / Cause.
The case begins to expand the IS through the Water Air and Earth, but lack the knowledge or the Fire Spirit that manifests in Being.
The Divine Spark, or Primordial Fire, enters in the atom elementary and descends into the physical plane as a spiral.
THIRD BEDROOM Detail: the atom elementary descends into the physical plane as a spiral, cloaked in all the substances of the various planes of existence.

There was a total of 23 rooms, all in a complicated way connected to an interior corridor, and each kept a specific room painted on the walls, a series of pictograms and hieroglyphs, and what seemed dormant alien technologies.

Not just discovered this access to the cave, he was immediately drawn up a relationship with the director in charge of the Ancient Arrow project. The project was formally under the jurisdiction of the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO), which organized a multidisciplinary research team to assess the exact nature of the site and try to discover additional artifacts or evidence of an extraterrestrial visitation.

The ACIO is a secret department or otherwise not recognized by the NSA; It has its headquarters in Virginia, but has staff in Belgium, India and Indonesia, and is virtually unknown even among older directors within the NSA. In the context of the entire intelligence community, is the organization lowest profile: his agenda is research, assimilate and reproduce any technology or discovery of extraterrestrial origin. The staff available, includes absolutely anonymous scientists who receive an annual salary of over $ 400,000 by virtue of their security passes and their IQ.

This secret organization not only possesses enormous intellectual power, but also much more advanced technology than any research facility on the entire planet. They are, in a word, privileged.

For the research team, the artifacts found at the Ancient Arrow site were unintelligible. There were many mysteries. Why would an advanced culture leave their artifacts in such a precise and seemingly ordered? What was the message you were trying to leave? What were their technologies and why they had abandoned there? The creators of this site were mixed with the native tribes or had remained an isolated culture? Who they were and why they were there in the eighth century? They plan to come back?

These were only a few of the mysteries with which the research team had to confront.

During the seven months of restoration, cataloging and analysis, the Ancient Arrow project was a complete enigma. It was spending more energy in the careful preservation of the artifacts, rather than in trying to solve the problem of their existence, though speculations were on the agenda in every conversation.

Gradually, the research team structured a hypothesis that in the eighth century, an extraterrestrial culture had founded a colony on Earth, it was isolated in the canyon in question;and he had the mission to leave behind a massive “time capsule” that should have been discovered in the late twentieth century. While for the researchers was not clear the exact nature of this time capsule, it seemed likely that it was a cultural exchange of some kind and had no invasive intent to earth or its inhabitants.

After they were completed the restoration, the researchers took two years to decipher the meaning of the partial products. The 23 separate chambers seemed to be linked together to form some specific message or purpose. In the twenty-third and last room, recovered a small optical disc that was presumed to contain digital information that could be the key to deciphering the artifacts. Scientists examined carefully, unable to understand how to access its contents.

They were called the best computer experts ACIO to try to force the access, but without success: they were used several months to groped any conceivable method to do that, and none of them worked. For the first time in nearly a year, the Ancient Arrow project was on a siding, and the ACIO quickly looked funding.

After two months of unsuccessful attempts, it was determined that the technology to access the disc was simply not available. The optical disc and all the artifacts and findings would be carefully stored in a safe place until the technologies to sboccarlo and collecting their contents had been available. It was believed that it contained star charts, translation indexes, glossaries, and all the answers to the various mysteries of its creators and, perhaps more importantly, their intentions toward Earth. Since the disc was considered vital to understand the meaning of the time capsule, the ACIO could do was freeze the project pending technologies suited to interpret it.

However, there were two scientists of the research team who theorized that the disc could be unlocked by understanding the meaning of the wall paintings in each of the 23 rooms. According to them it would not be a complex technology solution to unlock, but a linguistic solution or translation.

After much persuasion, the ACIO decided to allow the two researchers to assemble a replica of the contents of the time capsule, consisting of photos and detailed drawings of all the artifacts from all 23 rooms, including high-resolution photographs of the wall paintings. The two scientists would be allowed to continue research in their spare time, except to maintain absolute secrecy and report directly to the project director and the head of the ACIO division all of their discoveries.

The optical disc was stashed in a vault ACIO. Officially, the project was suspended indefinitely, and all personnel associated with it was moved (with promotions) to other projects. The Ancient Arrow was not to be talked about as long as technology or other systems had made it possible to unlock the drive and access its contents.

The scientists worked almost five months, working together, to try unsuccessfully to decode the Ancient Arrow artifacts and determine some way to access the optical disc content. In this period, the ACIO it tested new technologies and systems, but these had no luck.

One day in late summer of 1996, one of the scientists (a linguistics expert) had the idea to reduce the symbols of the wall paintings in the closest thing he had been found in the ancient Sumerian texts. Although it was a dead language, Sumerian was quite understandable why a scientist who was able to decode the symbols of the paintings, and placing the 23 words in the same order as the Ancient Arrow site rooms, finally managed to access the optical disc.

The connection between the Sumerian language and the time capsule was the turning point that the ACIO team had been waiting. A simple set of 23 words he obtained from the disk more than 8,000 pages of data: Unfortunately, they were incomprehensible because the computer did not have a character set that emulate the hieroglyphics and unusual symbols of the language. So it was necessary to develop a translation index, but this work took another six months.

Finally, once a translation index programmed into the computer, the data could be viewed on screen or printed in their hieroglyphic form, but had yet to be translated into English. This process was extremely tedious and could not be easier using the computer, because of the subtlety of the language and its intricate connection with wall paintings and pictographic representations scattered everywhere in the Ancient Arrow site.

Starting to partially develop the translation, it was discovered that even within the disc there was a segmentation of data in 23 units. Each of these appeared to correspond to a specific room.Beginning to translate the first two, it turned out that each unit contained philosophical and scientific writings, poetry, music, and an introduction to the culture and identity of its creators.

The latter were referring to themselves as the “WingMakers”. They represented a version of humanity to come who lived about 750 years in our future. They claimed to be bearers of culture, namely those that introduce the art seeds, science and philosophy to humanity. They had left behind a total of seven time capsules in various parts of the world, they would be found in a well-orchestrated plan.

Apparently the intention was to help the next generations of humans develop a global culture – a unified system of philosophy, science and art.

In early 1997, the ACIO scientist who had originally discovered the access code for the optical disc oddly began to feel sympathy for the mission of the WingMakers. He was convinced that the ACIO would never have made public the discovery, and it was certain that it was too important to hide it. Also claimed to be in communication with the WingMakers, who were watching the ACIO’s progress and at the appropriate time would have made public the time capsule and how much it contained.

This assertion troubled the ACIO and particularly the Ancient Arrow project director, who eventually recommended a leave of absence for the scientist and summarily removed him from the project. The latter feared that his notes would be altered or destroyed, so defected from the organization – literally the first he had ever done such a thing. Soon after his defection, he disappeared. However, before doing so, he gave to a journalist that he had selected at random, a part of his materials regarding the WingMakers and their time capsule.

That reporter, some time later, he said:

I am in possession of photographs, music, poems, drawings, translation indexes, copies of secret documents and a variety of translated philosophical texts that all come from the Ancient Arrow project. I have taken every precaution to remain anonymous so I can not be traced. I am of the belief that this material is spread against the wishes of a secret organization that probably has powers which even our government is unaware.

Before the ACIO scientist ( that from now on I’ll call Dr. Anderson ) they contact me, I had no interest in topics such as time travel, extraterrestrials, secret organizations, or anything like that. When you first heard the story, it seemed to me absurd; But I kept my journalistic objectivity, I met Dr. Anderson and reluctantly came to the conclusion that it would be unlikely that a person would invent this story with such detail and supporting evidence and then wished to remain anonymous.

Dr. Anderson had brought files of photographs and drawings of strange technologies with over etched strange symbols, research reports which related to translation tables, cipher, star charts, and dozens of notes relating to the discussions of heads ACIO department about the Ancient Arrow project. Everything, including about 400 pages of philosophical writings, was so established that it was impossible to discredit or ignore me.

For clarity to those who suggested that before submitting this material I should investigate further to seeking independent confirmation, I will simply say that you leave because of the very nature of the ACIO is impossible to corroborate this story. However, for whatever reason, I believe Dr. Anderson who gave me these materials. He did not ask me anything. He did not want money or awards. His only request was for me to decide the best way to make them public. He advised me not to investigate the ACIO because he was convinced that the NSA would use misinformation tactics that would have made me lose time and made it difficult, if not impossible, the disclosure of this material.

I have not contacted any other government office because Dr. Anderson warned me that such contact would be tracked down by the ACIO, which owns high-level personnel in both the NSA and the CIA at best would have triggered attempts at disinformation by one or both.

They are in possession of certain documents that do not present on the WingMakers website but I prepared that if ever anything happens to me, they are disclosed at the major media that I know. Constitute my only defense in disseminating this material.

My only interest lies in presenting it to the public, who then will decide what to do: put pressure on politicians or take other initiatives – to it the choice. I am convinced that this story is too important to be confined in the hands of an elite organization whose only interest is the reverse engineering on technologies found in the Ancient Arrow site in order to use them for their own purposes, however noble they may be.

I also realize that the Internet Service Provider who is hosting this site might end up under investigation, but if against him was exerted any pressure to withdraw its service, this could push me to disclose the documents mentioned earlier. I want to be clear: these documents provide incontrovertible evidence of this secret organization known as the ACIO; They are cited its directors and revealed their true identities.

I’ve spent the last few months to arrovellarmi on how to present this material, and how it seemed more appropriate to put it on the Internet to allow access to a global audience. I have a close friend, whom I trust, who created this website. Apart from him, nobody knows what I’ve done here.

Perhaps you wonder why I have chosen to reserve the full disclosure to the media of the material given to me by Dr. Anderson. I can only tell you that I do not want to create a circus atmosphere surrounding this discovery. Eventually it could end up to the media, but for now, my instinct tells me to keep a low profile so much for this material as well as for myself. By doing so, I hope to preserve something of the dignity of these artifacts, and make it grow from there.

I’ve never been involved in a story of this magnitude, and I’m sure if you spend a bit ‘of time on this site, refraining even just a few minutes of your disbelief, you will see how important this discovery of the time capsule. The best way you can help is to spread the news of this discovery, and open the eyes of your political representatives. If you have any websites, please put them in link with the WingMakers website.

Dr. Anderson had warned me that the ACIO has an advanced version of a technology based on what he called “remote viewing.” As far as I understand it, remote viewing is the ability to ascertain the position of the people through a kind of “psychic vision” by someone trained in this technology. I know it sounds far-fetched, but Dr. Anderson insisted that they have this ability and is one of the most feared technologies by those within the ACIO. In fact, it is known that keeps loyal staff. Unfortunately, this requires me to stay hidden and to move much over the months to come, so do not expect too many updates to the website.

Believe me, I know this whole thing may seem impossible, but I can only tell you that I examined detailed drawings and photographs of the artifacts taken from the Ancient Arrow site, and in my opinion do not belong in any way to this time or world. I’ve never seen anything like it. Or the WingMakers exist, or someone has spent a lot of trouble to convince me to the contrary, the fact is that I am a simple journalist without any personal interest in a secret government operations, ETs, time travel, or alien artifacts.

This is the testimony of the journalist who “saddled” the burden of the spread of this material so important. The scientist who has entrusted this difficult and dangerous task to the journalist himself who could have sold the material and make a lot of money, must go the gratitude of the whole world, because it is supposed that the salvation of the human race from extinction total It may also depend on the disclosure of this information.

Spanish Translation Concluded …

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WingMakers - Dr. Neruda Interviews #1-5 [Ancient Arrow Project]}
WingMakers – Dr. Neruda Interviews #1-5 [Ancient Arrow Project]})

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Present and Future Challenges (PFC) Section:

PFC Paper #3: New Revelations on the Story About the Wingmakers, The Labyrinth Group, and S.A.A.L.M

by Wes Penre, Friday, May 26, 2011

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  1. Abstract

Figure 1: From the original WingMakers site, now located at

This is a hot potato! 

When I’m writing these words, I am still not exactly sure how to approach these related subjects. Many people have read the WingMakers Material (WMM)[1] and many have been very inspired by it. Others have come out and proclaimed that it’s all a hoax.

Here is news for everybody who reads this; it’s not a hoax.

However, it’s a pretty complicated issue, and there are a lot of organizations and agendas connected to it. So I am going to tell you the real story behind the WingMakers to the best of my ability; how it is connected to both  LPG-C (Life Physics Group in California)[2], The Labyrinth Group[3] (allegedly in California, but a reliable anonymous source is telling me U.S. East Coast), NSA (National Security Agency), ACIO (Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization), and S.A.A.L.M. (Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk, Pine Gap, Australia). The last three are all connected, as we shall see. The whole WingMakers issue runs through the Military Industrial Complex and all the way to the top, as they say, but it didn’t use to be that way.

Confused yet? Good, because that’s what “they” want you to be. So let’s see how we can hopefully make it clearer with this paper.

  1. How The WingMakers “Saga” All Began

Figure 2: Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, where the Ancient Arrow site is located,
according to the WingMakers Material.

First of all, who am I to think I am able to shed some light to this confusing issue?

Well, for a couple of reasons, actually. The WMM fascinated me from the first time I read it, and has ever since. For a long time I was absolutely hooked on it, like so many other people before and after me. And when someone gets that hooked on it, there is more than a little truth in it. I quoted, elaborated on, and used a lot of the material on the previous version of my website,, and I made the connection to so many other subjects I had been researched earlier. Then, happenstances took me on a journey which made me doubt at least some of the WMM. So I started pulling the strings and what I found out was quite astounding.

But more important than that; I got much of it relayed to me from the “horse’s mouth, “Dr. Anderson”, who was the instigator of the WMM in 1998. I know where he is, but the circumstances are such that I can’t reveal it in public at this moment. However, he has relayed to me the incredible story of the WingMakers Material.

2.1 What is Myth and What is True? Here is the Key

People have, since the first WingMakers site launched in 1998[4], had a problem with that the WMM is supposedly both myth and truth mixed into the story line, like has been done so often by fantasy and science fiction writers. Of course, the discussions have been, what is true and what is fable?

Well, if we know how certain controlling forces work to obscure true information we also know that they often put out the truth in plain sight to blind us! It’s a little mind game they are playing.

Let me explain how this was done. I know that many people who read these words have already read the WMM, whether it’s the original version, the later version, or both. Either way, I urge you to read this whole paper from beginning to end, because hardly any reader of the WMM has read it from the perspective I am now going to present it.

I want to start from the beginning, with the original “Dr Anderson Interviews”, published in late 1998. Once the current version was published on the Internet, the original one was taken down. Luckily, there were people like former White House employee, Fred Burke ( , who had downloaded the whole original website and liked it so much that he created his own domain, Thus, the original site is still available to the public. 

“Dr. Anderson” is of course a made-up name, used by a true defector from the ACIO and the Labyrinth Group. What Dr. Anderson presented in his interview with “Anne” is true in the sense that the defector told her what he knew from the level it had been presented to him within the organization in which he once belonged (see later in this paper). However, he did withhold some of what he knew and hid some of it by speaking in mythological and symbolical terms, probably both to protect himself, and due to the fact that if you want to teach a child quantum physics, you don’t start him/her out with the higher math. He also changed the names of the ET group, the Corteum; a few dates, and a few other things, for what he considered, “good reasons,” But my point is: Dr. Anderson was genuine.

2.2 How the WingMakers Site Was Found

For you who remember some of the early WMM, this is a refresher, and for the rest, here is the story. In 1972, according to the early material, the Ancient Arrow (AA) site was found in New Mexico by a few young hikers. By coincidence, they found the caverns which led deep into the mountain side. These caverns were spreading out like veins from an aorta on both sides of a long tunnel. Each side-tunnel ended in a chamber, 23 all together, and these chambers all had artifacts in them. The young hikers were in awe because they figured what they saw couldn’t be of this world!

Figure 3: Chamber 4 Painting []

The site was of course quickly taken over by the U.S. Military and isolated from the public. To make a long story short, the military came to the same conclusion as the hikers, that these artifacts, in form of out-of-this-world paintings, were something they’d never seen here on Earth before. Hence, the site was classified and the NSA (National Security Agency) took over from there and put an Above Top Secret stamp on the project. Out of NSA, a secret organization had branched out, possibly already in the early 1950s, when the U.S. government made treaties with alien races. This organization was called the ACIO (Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization), headquartered in Virginia (California according to the later WMM), with branches in Belgium, India, and Indonesia. The AA was incorporated by the ACIO, because they early on understood that these painting and other things they found in the chambers were not made by some old Indian tribe that suddenly may have left the area (although there were indicators that there indeed was an Indian tribe that all of a sudden, hundreds of years ago, disappeared in “thin air” in the area). The site was traced back to around 800 AD.

When they further explored the caverns and the chambers, they found other artifacts besides the paintings, such as poetry, music discs and a disc containing more than 8,000 pages with written material in a language not even the best linguists at the ACIO could decode.

The Ancient Arrow Project was put on ice for 22 years, due to that we didn’t seem to have the technology to open the disc and decipher what was written on it.

However, in the earlier part of the 1950s, a young genius hit the scientific field like a torpedo. He quickly outsmarted his professors to such a degree that they didn’t want to have anything to do with him; it was too embarrassing. This young man with his long hair and ponytail simply refused to buy into the current scientific dogma. He wanted to build computers powerful enough to use for time travel; like something that was taken from a science fiction novel. Of course, he didn’t get much response from the academia of that time.

Although he was rejected by most professors; eccentric at best, and insane at worst; the ACIO quickly recognized his genius and hired him in 1956, when he was only 22 years old. He was literally obsessed with time travel, and no one knew for sure why he had this exclusive drive; perhaps it was a mystery even for himself.

ACIO eventually put him on this above top secret project to develop Blank Slate Technology (BST), which is a very specific type of time travel (he called it “Freedom Key”), which we will look into much more in a separate papers.

We need to understand that the ACIO was the primary interface with alien technologies and how to adapt them into society as well as the military industrial complex. When this young genius came into the picture, the ACIO was already savvy with some alien technologies, which they had gained access to via so called “Technology Transfer Programs” (TTP), apparently starting in 1954 (if not earlier), when President Eisenhower had an encounter with a faction of the Grays, which resulted in an exchange program where the U.S. government at the top level was given alien technology in exchange for abductions of a limited amount of humans for genetic experiments.[5] It needs to be noted, though, that not all Grays agreed with this exchange, but there is a faction of them, as mentioned in previous papers, whose purpose is to further develop their own genetics, using human DNA to help them accomplish this. The experiments done on abductees (mostly without their conscious consent), are often  executed without even using anesthesia. In the abductors own non-emotional state of mind, they look upon the human species as laboratory rats; no more, no less. However, we have traits in our DNA/RNA which are interesting to them; we have feelings and emotions! These are ancient traits which were put there by our original seeders, the Lyrans and other species they are interconnected with.

This young genius, later known as “Fifteen”, quickly became the head of the ACIO and its offshoot, the highly secretive “Labyrinth Group”, possibly located on the U.S. East Coast. As it were, he was contacted by two different ET races, whom were both willing to offer technology in exchange for something we have here on Earth that they wanted. One of the groups was the same Grays I mentioned above, and the other group is known in the WMM as the Corteum. Fifteen rejected the Grays but stayed with the Corteum.

So who are the Corteum? Some say they are part of the Mardukian Anunnaki, left here on Earth and now connecting with this group of secret scientists. However, I said in the beginning that the ET issue is complicated. The Ša.A.M.i. and their Anunnaki work together with the Reptilians and possibly the Grays on one level, while independent groups of the same basic race (splinter groups) work independently from those on Nibiru.

This ET group, code named “The Corteum”, is an old renegade group of the Ša.A.M.i., still living on a planet around Sirius B, but have been involved in TTP (Technological Transfer Programs) for quite a while with the human U.S. Government. They have now deceived this serious, otherwise human-friendly group of scientists into building a crystalline-scalar-mechanics based weapons technology to prevent an alien invasion.[5a] They are after the 7 Tributary sites, where New Mexico is only the first. They want to use something they call the “7 Trumpets” technologies to open up wormholes. The technology that the Corteum have inspired Fifteen and his Labyrinth Group to develop is to secretly (unbeknownst to the human group) re-activating the “Seven Jehovian Seals” to allow an alien invasion. The Labyrinth Group has been led to believe that the opposite is true; if they, in cooperation with the Corteum, can develop this technology and find the WingMakers sites, one by one, they may help them being able to avoid an alien invasion, which was scheduled for 2011, but has been slightly delayed (more about that later).

Figure 4:“Fifteen” in Hawaii around 1978

The Grays offered a full scale technology transfer program to Fifteen in exchange for genetic information of human DNA. The reason he turned them down was because of a previous agreement with the Corteum, who were the ones with the most advanced technology in Fifteen’s field, and hence more able to help him with his task. However, the Grays had something the Corteum lacked; their technology how to make memory implants, and skills in genetic hybridization.

This may sound odd to the reader, because the Ša.A.M.i. had a lot of skills in genetic engineering, but what Sitchin is telling us on several occasions in his books is that not allŠa.A.M.i./Anunnaki have these skills. Just like we humans; only because we humans know how to build space shuttles doesn’t mean all of us know how to build them. Only the rocket scientists and rocket engineers do, although we all gain from their knowledge. Same thing with genetic engineering; the Ša.A.M.i. (even those not from Nibiru) have their scientists/geneticists just like us, but even Marduk never had the knowledge how to genetically engineer species; it was not his field of expertise. And most probably, none of the members of the 200 in the Corteum Group had this knowledge either, other than perhaps a general knowledge, not enough to create complicated species and/or manipulate their genes. In addition, the Corteum group is supposedly consisting of 200 members, but these are only the ones who show up for the meetings, so to speak. In the background, there is a huge amount of their kind, overlooking the process. Not even our government (on any level) is aware of that, I think.

After been pondering over the Gray issue for some time, Fifteen and others within the Labyrinth Group started reconsider whether they should make an agreement with the Grays or not. After all, the Grays’ technology could be useful; especially the memory implants, which could be used to create photographic memory in the group members. So they made a deal after all, and Fifteen got a lot of information on genetic hybridization from the Grays. Still, they apparently never told the Grays about the Labyrinth Group for several reasons; they didn’t want the Grays and the Corteum to work together (perhaps that was the Corteum’s idea not to work with the Grays), and the Grays had no need-to-know, so the Labyrinth Group officially worked with them outside the organization.

2.3. Dr. Anderson From the ACIO/Labyrinth Group, Speaks Out

In December 1997, a reporter by the penname Anne got contacted by someone who said he was a linguist who had defected from the ACIO, or “Special Projects Laboratory”, as it was called then; an unacknowledged department of the NSA. He called himself Dr. Anderson for protection, albeit this was not his real name.

Anne, a typical, dedicated journalist, was, rightfully so, very skeptic at first when Dr. Anderson told his story. He told her everything he knew as a top linguist, working under Fifteen. Dr. Anderson had been a part of the first crew who explored the Ancient Arrow site, and because he spoke multiple languages (some of them extinct), he became one of those in charge of translating the disc. Up to the day when Dr. Anderson defected, they had only translated about 7% of the 8000+ pages, so he didn’t have no, or little, knowledge of what the rest of the disc contained.

Figure 5: Structure and Relationships of the Labyrinth Group

After Fifteen had broken the “code”, which finally started the project, the Corteum, who had infiltrated the ACIO already in 1958, became part of the project and helped out with their technologies as well. Fifteen had found out that some of the material on the disc was old Sumerian/Akkadian languages, plus a few others.

Dr. Anderson, after had started his internship at the ACIO, was subjected to something called “Intelligence Accelerator”. He said they had the (alien) technologies to increase raw intelligence in a person by as much as 500%. In addition, they had this genetic implant technology (which they allegedly got from the Grays) which created photographic memory. The whole ACIO staff had been subjected to both, including Dr. Anderson himself. These technologies were held very secret and were not revealed to the government or the intelligence agencies; it was entirely on a need-to-know basis. To have access to this information, a person would have to have clearance level 12 or higher (highest is 14, with Fifteen being the only one having 15). Dr. Anderson had clearance 12. These high level clearances is the Labyrinth Group. This group split from the ACIO to enable secrecy from the NSA and lower ranking members of the ACIO. Fifteen was afraid that if too many people had access to the technology stemming from the TTPs (Technology Transfer Programs), the chances are great that these technologies would be compromised and used against humanity’s best interests. However, the Labyrinth Group is taking these technologies on a regular basis and dilutes them to a point where the ACIO can sell them to private industry and government agencies (probably via a network of contractors, to remain secret), including the military (this is a part of the reason for the speed-up of technology the last few decades). So, we can see that the “best interests” for some groups or individuals are not considered “best interest” by others; it’s all very subjective and in line with a group’s imperatives.

Speaking of secrecy; for more than 40 years now, the Labyrinth Group has accumulated considerable wealth on their own. They have been able to build their own security technologies which havs thus far prevented any detection from intelligence agencies like the CIA, KGB, MOSSAD, or MI5 and MI6.

The Corteum were permitted access to all of the information systems of the ACIO, which was considerable, according to Dr. Anderson, because they could be of assistance and were on slightly similar IQ level as Fifteen, after the latter had had “Intelligence Acceleration”. He also said the Corteum are friendly and have no motives to take over our planet in some kind of One World Government agenda. However, he said that there is another alien race, who does have these motives, and we are going to talk more about them (the Anima) in a later paper. I have reason to believe that the “Anima Problem” is a deception, and in the next paper I will explain why. Dr. Anderson also told us that the head of the Corteum alien race, working with the Labyrinth Group, goes under the name of Mahu Nahi, and that he actually liked this Corteum leader (keep the name Mahu Nahi in memory).

Dr. Anderson considered Fifteen the most powerful human on Earth due to his brilliance and his power. He was the first human who was subjected to Accelerated Intelligence and the memory implant, and in his case, from had already been brilliant, now had an intellect comparable to that of the Corteum and the Grays. Still, Dr. Anderson was portraying Fifteen and his seven Directors as benevolent, who in their own way have humankind’s best interests in mind. The main problem Dr. Anderson had with them, though, was the secrecy. He thought this information should be in public domain.

2.4 The Origins of the WingMakers Race

In a classified document, no. 040297-14X-P17AA-23, from Dr. Jeremy Sauthers, Director of Special Projects, ACIO, to all Labyrinth Group Members (FYEO), which described the Ancient Arrow Project to the team, is telling them on page 2, that the WingMakers originate from the Pleiades. He is also stating that they were the ones who originally seeded life upon Earth “and facilitated life’s evolutionary leaps and biological transformations.”[6] They (and the Lyrans [same genetic origins]; see endnote #6) were the human genotype, who brought with us a “library of genetic codes” that, through experimentation, produced the human species, but also most other life forms on Earth[7(the story of the original seeding of mankind can be review in my “Genesis Paper #1: Human Origins and the Living Library“. Here we learn that the Pleiadians and the Lyrans are the same species. A faction of them fled to the Pleiades when the Anunnaki came, but returned to Earth and eventually started working together with the Anunnaki in their effort to manipulate the DNA of the early humans. At that point they most possibly interbred with the Anunnaki and created a new hybrid, making parts of the Pleiadian Lyrans also part of the Anunnaki species. We know very little about the origins of the Anunnaki, and they may just as well be a splinter group from the original Lyrans, before any of them had any encounters with Planet Earth). 

The Pleiadian WingMakers were in control of time-travel technologies, and put time capsules here from a future time (in our terms). Their hope seems to have been that we will be able to connect to our future selves and grasp a greater understanding of human destiny, among other things.

The renegade Pleiadian Group, channeled by Barbara Marciniak, are here to steer us in a new direction, away from the Technology Transfer Programs and back in connection with nature. They are here to do this because they live in a machine technology reality themselves, which is quite brutal, oppressive, and inhumane. In their efforts to do something about it, this group has managed to trace back their timeline to the nano-second between 1987-2012, where humanity made decisions which created the hellish future this renegade group lives in. In the sense of ancestry, they are us in a future time, but also us in the past, and if we can make better choices now, it will also affect them positively, and by the same token we will be able to positively change our pasts. They call it “healing along the lines of time”. In their books and channeling session, they are emphasizing that we need to get away from electronics as much as possible, and get back to basics to become more multi-dimensional, like we once were. Instead of connecting to the Internet they want us to connect to our “Innernet”, which is our own psychic abilities; that’s where the answers and the connection with the Multiverse lie.

The WingMakers, whom, like we said, are also from the Pleiades (if we are to believe Dr. Sauthers and the WMM), claim to have been the ones seeding the concept of the Internet for the purpose of developing a global culture. They say they did it because it’s the way to communicate globally amongst people on Earth, but also because it’s going to be the universal communication device for us in the future, albeit in a much more advanced version, of course, in a form of a “intra-galactic, digital nervous system”. The WingMakers teach us that by the time their final time capsule is discovered in 2023, “the Internet will be the focal point of the new global culture…”[8]. This statement alone (if true and not altered) is telling us the the Pleiadians, whom Dr. Sauthers refers to as the WingMakers, are not the same group as the one Barbara Marciniak is channeling. The latter wants us to get off the Internet as much as possible and develop our Innernet” instead. The WingMakers website, in its current form, is promoting the Internet as an intergalactic communication network.

Beware of deception! We are going to talk about the Internet a lot later on, but the Super-speed Internet is not developed for humans, but for aliens. For them to be able to use our technology here on Earth, it needs to be more sophisticated. We, in our current development, have little use for super-super-speed Internet, do we? Think about it. The Internet was developed to eventually work as a network meant to ultimately control mankind by certain alien species, not to be used by alien species in general.

The Pleiadians Barbara Marciniak is channeling is warning us about the Machine Kingdom. If I didn’t know better, I may have considered this as a fairly good communication device; just expand on what we have and connect to the intergalactic network. However, this is not the way aliens communicate with each other in general. Thus the distinction between the Internet and the Innernet. The latter is what we need to develop more of, not the former. This is where this world is going to split in two; one where people are migrating to gigantic cities where technology has become a serious addiction and a suggestive way of survival, and the other where people who have had enough, start saying they don’t want any more of machine technology and will move out in the country and perhaps open up their own, self-sufficient communities. There, due to lack of an abundance of electronics, people will be able to connect with their own Innernet, become more psychic and multi-dimensional. Go out in nature and notice the difference! It’s not that there is anything wrong with technology in general, but at this point in time, where our bodies and minds have been so polluted by electronics, misuse of negative energy, and the effects of the TTP, we need to disconnect from the mindset of it, remove our biological life form from it, and go back and reconnect with the elements to regain our power and sovereignty over our own biokind. It’s like a person who have been on the whole spectrum of addictive, recreational drugs for a long time and wants to quit. Big part of a successful recovery program would be not only to stop taking the drugs, but to disconnect from everything that reminds him of the drugs.

It’s imperative that humankind survives the next 100-125 years or so, which will be very challenging, but to do so, we need our inner awareness to guide us, so we are able to consciously direct our energies to create oases in a world of turmoil and destruction. How well we succeed with this will determine our survival potential as a species. What we do after that, in the sense of space travel and connecting with the galactic community, is a totally different matter. My own take of the “Pleiadian Agenda” is to introduce to us the possibilities to make decisions not only based on survival but at the same time connect subquantum-wise to our Innernet, without technology. This is our key both to survival and enlightenment at the same time. Space travel is coming into the picture later, as does technology under responsible conditions. We need to go through “withdrawals” first; actually, in a literal manner. It’s come to a point when people are addicted to their cell phones and Facebooks. I have heard stories where kids sleep with their cell phones under their pillows rather than their teddy bears, in case someone would text them during the night, and other kids have insomnia, because they think they’ll miss a message on their Facebook and run up in the middle of the night to check it out. This is very serious, as we are losing our young generation to electronics!

2.5 Mark Hempel, the Middle-Hand

Although Dr. Anderson only had a security clearance of 12 and probably got a watered down version of the truth from the upper lines, he learned more than he felt comfortable with. He soon became the leading linguist and was the one who translated the disc from Sumerian.

After had visited the AA (Ancient Arrow) site a couple of times and experienced a “presence” in there, which he was sure was the WingMakers themselves, and due to the translations, which he felt communicated directly to him, he knew this information needed to get out to the public; contrary to Fifteen’s clear intentions. Dr. Anderson felt it was his duty to do so, and the WingMakers “told” him this while he was working on the project. They didn’t want to bother Fifteen with it, because they considered him being way too involved with the Corteum to be able to see clearly.

Dr. Anderson was nervous, because if he defected from the Labyrinth Group (something that was previously unheard of), he was afraid they were going to erase his memory so that everything he’d learned from when he joined the ACIO until the day he defected would disappear like it had never happened (yes, they have the technology to do so). He knew this is probably what they would do, unless they wanted to find him and reprogram him, because he was such a brilliant linguist. There was even a chance they would kill him.

In spite of these considerations, he decided to defect in secret, so he just left one day. He knew he didn’t have much time and quickly needed this information to go out to the public. So he chose a random journalist, “Anne”, who could interview him and hopefully publish it in a newspapers, or magazine. Once the cat was out of the bag, Dr. Anderson had a better chance to survive and perhaps let him keep his memories. This was a delicate situation for Fifteen and his group, because he didn’t want any extra attention drawn to him, and if the damage was done and the cat was let out of the bag, the best he could do was to be silent, in hope that this was too incredible for people to believe.

The interaction between Anne and Dr. Anderson resulted in the “Dr. Anderson Interviews”.[9]They were supposed to be 5 in number, but after two interviews, Dr. Anderson “disappeared” and Anne was no longer able to get in touch with him. No one knew at the time if the Labyrinth Group got to him, if he was killed, had his memory erased, or just went underground.

Anne, who was a born skeptic, didn’t know what to do with the material at first. This was the strangest interviews she’s ever done, and if she tried to publish them, her career would probably be over. Still, she thought she owned it to Dr. Anderson (whom she didn’t even know if he was alive) to somehow get this information out.

Figure 6: Mark Hempel

Hence, she picked a young music producer and web designer she knew about, to help her out. His name was Mark Hempel, who also was a pioneer in Internet Radio. Even then she wanted to be anonymous, so she packaged the transcripts of the interviews, the artwork and the audio tapes and sent it via courier to Hempel with not much more of an explanation than something like, “please publish this material. It’s very important!”

Mark read the interviews and found them fascinating, but had no idea if they were true or not. The anonymous nature of it all perhaps helped him make the decision to publish it. For whatever reason, he created a website at in 1998, where he released the two “Dr. Anderson Interviews”, a mythological mini-novel called “The Ancient Arrow Project”, the audio tapes, the poetry and the artwork,

Without even announcing it anywhere, the website quite immediately got hundreds of thousands of visitors and became a blockbuster on the Internet. The site became extremely popular and was discussed all over the network, in forums and otherwise. It was probably the most discussed “conspiracy” website in the later part of the 1990s. It looked like Dr. Anderson got his information out to a lot of people after all. However, something strange was about to happen…

  1. The Mysterious “James” Enters the Stage

Today, the originator of the WingMakers material is known as “James”, although this name was never mentioned in the original interviews or in the first version of “The Ancient Arrow Project”. No other name than Dr. Anderson was mentioned.

So where does the name James come from? To answer that question, let’s see what happened after Hempel published the WMM.

Once Hempel’s website had become popular beyond belief, the rumors, with no doubt, must have reached the ACIO and the Labyrinth Group. Fifteen must have been furious at first; some of what he had decided to keep secret over the years was now irreversibly in public domain. It was too late to do anything about that. His worst fear had manifested; the chance of having to deal with defectors from the Labyrinth Group who started speaking in public!

The problem was that the material on the WingMakers website spread like a wildfire all over the Internet, so they couldn’t just ignore it. By the same token, there was a chance that Dr. Anderson would contact the journalist again to give the three additional interviews.

No one really knows what Fifteen thought, but we know what solution the Labyrinth Group came up with…

Mark Hempel, who had no idea who the instigator of the WMM was, was contacted once again, this time by this mysterious “James”, who said he was the one who had been interviewed and thus was the owner of the material. James was probably quite convincing and could perhaps even give Hempel information that only Dr. Anderson (or someone within the Labyrinth Group) could have known. If Hempel still doubted James, he probably got convinced once and for all when this mysterious person sent additional material for Hempel to post on his website, plus he wanted Hempel to change things around in the original interviews and add a whole new project to the AA story. The reason, he said, was that new information had come to him and he had decoded more from the Tributary Zones. He also had the transcripts from the three “missing” interviews with “Anne”, so it was now five interviews all together. In addition, he changed the name of the interviews from “The Dr. Anderson Interviews” to “The Dr. Neruda Interviews”, the latter by which they are most commonly known today.

After Hempel had remodeled his website, little by little, in increments over a couple of years, made it look more professional, and added the new material; the old website was, as I mentioned earlier, simply erased from the Internet. The Dr. Anderson interviews were now just a memory. With time, James contacted Hempel to add more material, including music CDs which are still sold from the website, and he also added a 24th Chamber all of a sudden, making this whole thing look more and more fictional and mythological, which he also said it was. The WingMakers had become “wholesale”.

James Mahu of the Wingmakers

Although James said in the Q & A Section on the website that it is a mix or myth and truth, it had now become quite difficult for the reader to distinguish between what was what. There were also serious attempts from readers and researchers to debunk the whole WMM, based on all the new, fictional content. (Figure 7: James of the WingMakers)

Albeit there were (and are) still people who believe the WMM is true, the debunking efforts succeeded quite well, and many previously dedicated followers started putting their attention elsewhere. The possibility that the WMM was a hoax was lively debated on forums and by serious truth-seekers. Hempel himself was confused about this whole thing and happened to say in correspondence with a researcher or two that he, too, thought it was probably a hoax. Or, did Hempel know more than we think and was told to say that it was probably a hoax? Either way, Hempel’s “doubts”, if they ever were real, were only temporary. He soon became a dedicated WingMakers fan; of the new website, I should add. Others, like Fred Burks, who could not relate to the new material, referred back to the original and kept that to heart.

Even more confused? Don’t worry, things will soon start to make more sense.

James met with Hempel in Hempel’s home on one occasion around 2008 for a long, recorded interview, resulting in an audio presentation on the new WingMakers website.[10] Here you can listen to James’ voice, which is an unnaturally deep baritone with a subtle Spanish accent. The accent sounds legitimate to me, but his deep voice sounds manufactured, for whatever reason. Perhaps he didn’t want people to recognize his real voice; I really don’t know. The interview, however, quite obviously was orchestrated so James could promote his new site and his new information on the “Sovereign Integral”; the reconnection with our Oversoul.

A lot of additional material was added as well to the website over the years, and it became more and more esoteric in the sense that James showed a lot of interest in Alice Bailey, Madame Blavatsky and the Great White Brotherhood. He was talking about Ascended Master in quite some length in his Q&A section, and gave references which seemed very odd to me when I read them. Something didn’t feel quite right. Eventually James, always through Mark Hempel, created a few more websites. They were, in the order they appeared:

  1. The Lyricus Teaching Order (
  2. Event Temples (
  3. The Sovereign Integral (

The last one was published in 2008, and although there was not yet anything substantial posted on the website (and still isn’t, 3 years later, except an illustration of what the Sovereign Integral is, without any explanation attached), James apparently decided to start promoting it. He therefore accepted an interview with the Project Camelot crew, also in 2008, where Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Bill Ryan were doing an email interview with James.[11]

This interview was a shocker to me, to many other people who read it, and I think, to the Camelot crew as well. James was here presenting a totally new paradigm, telling us that we are stuck in a hologrammic 3-D Density prison. This, in itself, is nothing new, but he said that Anu (the [former] King of the Anunnaki/Ša.A.M.i.), the most powerful being in the universe, had created this whole 3rd Density illusion. More specifically, he said Anu has been tampering with our DNA, trapped highly spiritual beings from the Atlantis Era into these body containers, and once the spirits decided to “try out” the bodies which Anu had “created”, they were trapped once and for all.

These bodies, according to James, had hologrammic “videos” embedded in them, so that when these highly evolved multi-dimensional spirits entered the bodies, naive as they were in their free state, they got caught up in the illusion Anu had created. From within these new bodies, they saw a beautiful world and could look at extraordinary pictures which excited them to the maximum. Hence, these who tried out the bodies told the rest how exciting it was, and soon enough, the majority of the free spirits found themselves trapped in 3rd Density bodies after Anu had “closed the trap” so that the souls could no longer leave their bodies at will.

Not everybody was trapped, though. James is telling us that the time of Atlantis was a highly spiritually evolved era, and many different beings were here on Earth at the time, including people from the Central Race[12]. Some of those from the Central Race managed to escape this trap, and James was one of them.

However, Anu, who apparently was a very clever being, cloned the real universe and created a new one, in which we are living today. In this Universe, Anu is God, where all the stars, galaxies, nebulae, planets and whatnot, are his creations. In this cloned universe, life is sparse, and humans are the only inhabitants. There are a few other planets where Anu has seeded life, but these planets are only inhabited by humans. Sometimes, aliens of another kind can enter Anu’s cloned universe for short periods of times, but must then return. If they don’t, they either die or get stuck in this reality, just like us. This is, according to James, the reason we sometimes see Grays and strange creature coming out from inside of the Earth or from under the oceans; they are simply stuck here and can’t go back to the “real universe”.

Of course, James is also presenting a solution. He says that Anu was scheduled to come back shortly before 2012; the event the Global Elite have been preparing for, but now the plans have changed. Anu is in business elsewhere, having his attention directed towards something totally different, and has left us to our fate. So our only solution is to find the “Grand Portal”, which is a metaphor for we humans to be able to, as a group, realize we are spiritual beings, trapped in a 3rd Dimension/Density, which only exists because Anu created it, and that science and religion need to merge into one for us to break the “godspell”. Only then will the illusion shatter and we will return to the Universe of origin and become multi-dimensional. Anu’s science in this case needs to be well understood so we can grasp how he created the 3rd Density. When we do, and also understand we are spirits in a body, we can break out of the prison as a whole humanity.

In the same interview, Bill Ryan is asking James what he thinks about Nibiru and the return of the Anunnaki. James says (just like he did in the audio interview with Mark Hempel) that Nibiru is no longer an issue, and nothing to worry about. I know for a fact that this is a lie, and in a later paper I will explain why.

  1. So Who Took Over the WingMakers Site? 

I also know for a fact that Dr. Anderson (whom I from hereon will call Dr. Jamisson Neruda, because it more accurately states who he is) is still alive and well, because I’ve been in touch with him. I am also aware of (and it’s pretty obvious) that the original Dr. Anderson and James are two entirely different persons. Their energies are far different, and the way they use the English language is even different. Dr. Anderson is scientific in his approach, but is trying his best to simplify his answers and his writing, while James is esoteric to the extreme and does not bother with attempting to make himself understood by the general public. He is also very artistic. One can tell they are definitely two totally different personalities. And by the way, who was it that we mentioned earlier, being very artistic, and someone Dr. Anderson liked?

Well, let’s go to the point: who took over the WingMakers site? It looks like the impostor doesn’t even try very hard to keep that secret. “James” is not human; he is the Head of the Corteum!

How do I know? Well, this is from the original website, which was taken down; from the original Dr. Anderson Interview #2,

Dr. Anderson:
“Yes, they’ve been involved from the beginning. The Corteum are as integral to the Labyrinth Group as any of its human members, so nothing is hidden from them. The leader of the Corteum mission to earth is called — in English — 
Mahunahi [Wes’ emphasis], and he happens to be an artist first and foremost, and a scientist is his secondary nature. He was always excited to see and hear about our findings. He asked if we could create a way-station to the Ancient Arrow site so he could visit the site himself, but it just wasn’t practical to do so without drawing attention to the site.”

So the original “Dr. Anderson” trusted Mahunahi at the time when he released the information to “Anne”. We already discussed that the WingMakers site was hijacked shortly after it was published and gradually changed with time until it became almost unrecognizable.

A few years after the new site was set up, James opened a Q&A section, and this quote is from there,

Question 9: Who/what are you James? Where do you get your information from?

[James]: In my dominant reality, I am known as Mahu Nahi [Wes’ emphasis]. I am a member of a teaching organization whose roots are very ancient, but paradoxically, very connected with humanity’s future. This teaching organization is concerned with transporting a sensory data stream to earth in order to catalyze select individuals of the next three generations to bring innovations to the fields of science, art, and philosophy. These innovations will enable the discovery and establishment of the Grand Portal on earth.

Thus, it seems clear that the WingMakers have been taken over by the Corteum, allegedly a faction of the Earthbound Anunnaki, and “James” is the Corteum Leader.

What does this mean and what implications are there?

Well, it’s a very clever take-over! The Corteum changed the name Anderson to Neruda because Jamisson Neruda is very close to “Dr. Anderson’s” real name! I was told this as being a fact by the real Dr. Anderson, who later became Dr. Neruda. Furthermore, “James” (I will call him by his real name, Mahu Nahi from hereon), after had taken over the project, also added a lot of realinformation to the website! In fact (and this is also coming from the real Dr. Neruda quite recently), there is a lot more real information on the current WingMakers site than the original one!

In other words, there is disinformation on both the old site and the new one. However, the following were most likely the steps the Corteum and the Labyrinth Group decided to take after Dr. Neruda had let the cat out of the box in 1998.

  1. When they found out about the leak, they waited it out to see how it would be received. Unfortunately (for the Labyrinth Group), the Anderson Interviews spread quickly on the Internet and became well known in “conspiracy” circles.
  2. Mahu Nahi, the head of the Corteum, decided to take care of it, most certainly with Fifteen’s blessings. Mahu contacted Mark Hempel, again via courier, is my understanding, erroneously saying his name was James (like in Jamisson Neruda), and that he had a lot of additional information to add to the website. He also told Hempel that some of the old information from the Anderson Interviews were slightly incorrect and needed to be erased and exchanged with new information. He also wanted Hempel to change the name Anderson to Dr. Jamisson Neruda.
  3. Mahu told Hempel, in addition, that he had complements to the “Ancient Arrow Project”, and asked to have this published as well and the old version erased. Much of this information, both on the AA site and in the Neruda Interviews is true, but not all of it. Some of it is disinformation, so the reader needs to have this in mind and use discernment and cross-checking techniques to verify what’s in there. Still, the part that’s true is incredibly important information.
  4. Mahu was quick to add that the AA project was mythological in nature, with truth in it. Same thing with the Neruda Interviews. He wanted Hempel to make sure the readers knew this. Hempel complied with everything Mahu told him to do. Hempel was told that humanity was not ready for everything yet and that it had to be released in increments over time.
  5. Mahu delivered as promised, and Hempel posted.
  6. With time, Mahu, with assistance from Hempel, opened three additional websites, on three different domains; one at the time: ; , and . These sites were meant to be expansions of with more information on the Central Race, the Lyricus Teaching Order and the Sovereign Integral. As it were, some of this information showed to be true as well, but not everything. Mahu has promised there’s much more to come.
  7. 2008 was a strange year for the WingMakers fans. Mahu decided it was time to become more public than he had previously. He had always stated that he didn’t want to reveal himself too much, because he wished for the information to speak for itself. Mahu, who claimed to live in New York at the time, flew to meet Hempel, who lived out-of-state. If I remember correctly, Mahu was actually on his way to meet colleagues somewhere else, but did a middle-landing at Hempel’s house for a limited amount of time.This, in itself, is strange, because Mahu is not human, but of the Corteum, who are supposedly over 7 feet high. He would obviously had made quite an impression on Hempel, who now supposedly saw him for the first time. Mahu, of course, could have; with or without Hempel’s knowledge; flown by private jet or with a Labyrinth Group airplane, out of public scrutiny, but he would have had to show his real self to Hempel at least. If this is what happens, this makes it clear that Hempel is now involved in this up to his neck, knowing who Mahu really is.However, there is another explanation. Just like the Ša.A.M.i. in general, they are everything from 6-9 feet tall, and Mahu could potentially be on the shorter end of the spectrum.
  8. At the end of 2008, Mahu accepted the email interview with Project Camelot, which set the stage for the future of the Corteum version of the WingMakers story. We can from hereon expect a lot of disinformation from this camp. Interestingly, Mahu did not want to show himself to the Camelot team. There could have been many reasons for this, but I find it at least worth mentioning.

For a while, I was wondering why LPG-C was using the Neruda Interviews as a base of information when researching things like BST and the Anima Problem (alien race, supposedly trying to take over Earth. I will address them in a separate paper). Now I understand why. They know that Dr. Neruda is the “real deal”, and the Corteum decided to use his real name when they took over the WingMakers site.

So here is the cleverness of the take-over and how it was done:

Mahu Nahi, himself being artistic, decided to present the truth as it were in the form of art. It’s beautifully done and quite intriguing; especially as it has a lot of truth in it. But why would they reveal the truth? Why not just make something up and lie about it?

There is a saying that goes, “hidden in plain sight”. This is the most perfect example of this saying. Mahu saw that Dr. Neruda in the Anderson Interviews had given Anne (real name Sarah) the truth as he knew it, but mixed it with some disinformation; however, he still revealed enough truth not to mislead the public entirely. He was more concerned with protecting some sources. So what Mahu did was to reveal a whole lot more true information than the real Dr. Neruda did. By then saying it is a mix or truth and myth, and that the AA project is quite mythological, the Corteum could confuse the public enough to get away with it.

Some people would discard Mahu’s new information and relate back to the original Anderson interviews, which in themselves were partly disinformation.

Others would embrace Mahu’s information, but can’t be sure what is true and what is myth. Mahu does a good job with pretending that things which are really true are myth and vice versa. The reader needs to put this in perspective.

Mahu knew that others would just debunk the whole thing and call it psy op, disinformation, or a hoax. This was all part of the plan. Of course, it is a psy op, but it doesn’t mean it’s a hoax. There is actually more truth than not in the material and more truth than on most other websites out there.

To fully understand this scheme, we need to rewire our brains and embrace a new way of thinking. What needs to be realized is that we can no longer continue saying: “Website A is set up by the government or the Global Elite as a psy op, disinformation campaign, so therefore we should just discard it and expose it as as an evil intent and a Big Lie”. However, “Website B is written by a known well-intended Truth Seeker who has the best interest for humanity in mind, so let’s listen to him/her instead.”

No, this kind of thinking is simple-minded and will only lead us further and further away from what we need to know. The “truth” is in both camps, as is the disinformation, and we need to read everything with a fine toothcomb, because often the truth is told between the lines. This is important to understand!

In this particular case, the Corteum/Labyrinth Group, in their own more self-serving ways, want the information out as well. As we shall see in a later paper about BST and the Anima Problem, in a strange way everybody seems to be “on the same side”, but still not quite. Different groups have slightly different agendas, but the common denominator is to convince us humans that what this is all about is to save Earth against an Invader Force which is very real. In a perfect world, we would all unite as ONE to face this threat, similar to what Ronald Reagan said in his famous speech from the 1980s when he addressed the ET issue. He said that if we were to face a threat from Outer Space, we would probably finally be able to unite as ONE humanity. However, things are more complicated than that. Still, we need to understand that there is no “black” and “white”; only different shades of gray. And there is a reason the Corteum wants a big chunk of truth out to the public, and it’s not in our best interest. They want to misdirect us towards the wrong enemy; it’s like when the little kid says to his parents, “Mom and dad, look what my sister is doing over there!!!” When the parents are looking in the direction the little boy is pointing, he quickly slips his hand into the cookie jar and steals a cookie while they are busy looking elsewhere.

  1. Changes Made to the Original WingMakers Site

Again, thanks to Fred Burks (, I don’t have to spend too much time comparing the original website with the later one. He already did that, and I am going to use the most important information from his comparison here. For the reader, who wants to dig deeper into this (which I suggest), visit Fred’s page here: By using simple color coding, he and an associate were able to compare all changes that were made from the original website. You can learn all about it here:

You can also download two pdf files (Interviews 1 and 2) where you can compare the changes one by one:

  1. S.A.A.L.M., Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk

S.A.A.L.M. is (or used to be before their presence was revealed on the Internet) a secret organization, branching out from the NSA and the ACIO. Their sole purpose is to keep “King Marduk” on the Throne of Earth, as her righteous ruler, even after the return of the Ša.A.M.i. from the home planet. They believe in Prophecy and consider Marduk being the AntiChrist the bible has been predicting, and they have until 2012 to accomplish this goal. At least this is what their members believe, as revealed in leaked information from internal conversion being held on a secure S.A.A.L.M. Intranet Server, from which the members could log in wherever they were on the globe, to retrieve new information as needed.

James Casbolt, former MI6 and S.A.A.L.M. member, defector and whistle-blower from both, released some sensitive information on his website a few years ago. He was later cleverly set up by S.A.A.L.M. and was forced to take his website,, down. They started a severe disinformation campaign against him as per “Item #6” of the Laws, all S.A.A.L.M. members are obligated to follow:

Item 6 tells us that the agency will seek extreme termination with prejudice in the case of a breach of this agreement resulting in the disclosure of unauthorized information, beginning with extreme harrassment [sic] in order to stop the disclosure.[13]

One thing Casbolt put out on the web was a communication from an unknown S.A.A.L.M. member, emphasizing the year 2012:

My contacts claim this is Enlil waiting before his final address in which he spoke to all S.A.A.L.M members on behalf of Lord Marduk and Queen Nanshaazuur. Enlil announced that the capstone of establishing Lord Marduk as King of Kings of SoL will soon be set. The speech concluded with a sincere thanks to all members efforts and a toast was pronounced to the target date of Dec 22nd 2012.

Casbolt was, from my understanding, the one who leaked the information from the secret network and put it on the Internet. For obvious reasons, the information didn’t stay there for long, and was abruptly taken down. A discussion about the security leak is even included in the hijacked information.

What S.A.A.L.M. apparently forgot about was the Wayback Machine (or the Internet Archive), where anyone can type in a website which is no longer available into their search engine, and it will show up the way it looked like; normally including all changes that were made to it over time. This is where I got the information from. However, S.A.A.L.M. got smarter with time, realized their omission, and made sure the information from the Archives were no longer accessible.  

Their rules and regulations are very strict; disseverance under some circumstances is punishable with death. S.A.A.L.M. is also a part of the Freemasonic Global Network, starting at the 33rd Degree of Zion. Marduk, according to this group, is the head of Freemasonry world-wide.

I have had some personal, interesting experiences with this group; something which goes back to at least 2008. However, I am going to start this section with some correspondence between me and Benjamin Fulford, who is a well-known researcher into the Global Elite.

In January 2009 I had just posted an early version of what became the free e-book, “The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller”. The early version was called, “Lucifer’s Redemption.” It is no longer on the Internet, and was eventually replaced by the current e-book version in June 2009. In my early research, I stumbled upon S.A.A.L.M. again; I had had encounters with them earlier. This section was taken out from the above e-book, because it was out of context. However, here it does fit in, so I will give you the story (some readers who have followed my research over the years may have read this before it was removed from the Internet):

In November of 2008 I was part of an email group led by a certain Rev. Anthony Pike, who said he lived in India. On that list was also Prophet Yahweh[14] and James Casbolt (former MI6 and subjected to Project Mannequin[15] and other mind control programs), among other interesting researchers, so I decided to join.

Anthony Pike was the one who was most active on the list and posted quite a lot; he acted pretty much as the main authority in the group. After a while he told the group he was a member of S.A.A.L.M., something James Casbolt was already aware of, because he mentions Pike in his book, “Agent Buried Alive” (
ciencia/ciencia_mannequin03.htm). I had a vague idea of who they were, because I had at that time read “The LINK” by Dr. A.R. Bordon for the first time. This made it even more interesting, and perhaps I could learn something new. I knew of Prophet Yahweh before, because he claimed to be able to summon UFOs somewhere down in Arizona or Nevada, and he said they were Yahweh’s ships. He is a black man, claiming to be a true Israelite, and therefore, he and his people had the right to Israel. He actually managed to summon UFOs when ABC News were watching and it was all over the news on June 1, 2005. Knowing that Yahweh is the Enlil, it was double interesting to have Prophet Yahweh on the list. However, he didn’t say much; was more of a silent member.

Now back to the story. As I had published the first version of Supriem Rockefeller, which was a blockbuster, I got an email from a visitor who said that Benjamin Fulford claimed that the whole Rockefeller story was a hoax to discredit him, and that he would go public with this fact shortly.

So I emailed Fulford to find out what the situation was. Here is the correspondence. On February 1, 2009, I asked him the following questions:

Hi Benjamin,

My name is Wes Penre, and I am emailing you from

I found some information regarding Supriem D Rockefeller and Michael N. Prescott which I found intriguing, but rather confusing. I know about you from before and find your information and interviews pretty interesting and helpful.

It was pointed out to me that the SD Rockefeller story is a hoax to discredit you and that you will go out and announce this eventually.

I have a few questions, because I wrote an article on this. I understand you probably are a very busy man, but I would appreciate a lot if you had time to please answer the following (to the reader: my question are always in bold):

  1. Did you write the following comments to the letter from SD Rockefeller?


Both the Freemasons (5 million agents worldwide) and the Asian Secret Society (6 million worldwide members) have invited me into their senior ranks. I agreed to join only if they both promised to support a 3 yr campaign to end poverty, end war and stop environmental destruction.

There is going to be an announcement of a new financial system between January 20th and early February. However, this may be delayed by die-hard Satanists who do not want to see their rule end.

By the way, I have been informed that David Rockefeller has ceded control to Sen JohN D. Rockefeller IV and Evelyn de Rothschild has ceded clan leadership to Baron David de Rothschild. So, according to my latest intelligence the 5 points of the pentagram consist of:-

Queen Elizabeth, Papa Bush, J. Rockefeller, David Rothschild and the Satan worshipping Pope.

The above comments from you are then followed by the following message from Supriem Rockefeller:

Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 18:42:59 -0600
From: Supriem Rockefeller
To: Michael N Prescott
Subject: Re: “Buy Sell”

Forward this to them-

As you may know, the Vatican has been hiding the truth from the public about the Messiah. They have implanted into the public’s mind that Jesus was the Messiah, which they know not to be true. The word Vatican means ‘House of the Serpent’ which the Pope even has the Serpent on his chest plate and he carries the Sun staff, the symbol of Marduk Ra.

I was Marduk Ra but became Amen Ra once I was sentenced into exile. Amen just means ‘The Hidden One’.

They pledge their allegiance to me by placing the obelisk in St Peters Court inside the Sun Circle surrounded by the Celestial Cross.

The German order called ‘Thule Orden’ and ‘Vril Society’ know who I am, n fact, they found me after they had access to the Vatican’s vault and read about me. The text form [sic] 2026 BC said ‘In the Second Coming, he will call himself ‘Supriem’ and come from the west’. No matter how you spell Supriem or Supreme, it is still SPRM. They even saw drawings that looked exactly like me.

They told me that they knew I was Lucifer, the Son of G-D, leader of the 12 Elohim and keepers of the D12 Stargate. Marduk Ra was just one of my names, I am the same life force as YHWH, Samech, Moloch, Azazel, Lucifer and the Supreme Deity.

It is time for my rule again, thus those who are against it will perish. In fact I have the ability to end Earth as a planet if I see fit. The time is around the corner for my rule, Heil Imperium!!

The Thule wanted to test my DNA, so I allowed them because I knew they were important to my alliance. They found that I do carry the Triple Helix Blue Blood of the Elohim. In fact, I have more than one DNA sequence.

They knew that my several thousand year exile ends in 2009 (according to the 12/60 frequency in which I was sentenced, not the 13/20 frequency).

I have more than one DNA sequence because I am born of both Elders and Ancients (Serpent or Reptilian). I was given the DNA sequence of the REAL Trinity – Baal, Astarte, Tammuz – all into ‘One Male’ – Lucifer – The True Messiah.

2009 is the Second Coming, the exile is over. I have several races, not from Earth, that I lead and they are waiting on me. I have an army of multi- dimensional beings that are subservient to me. [These are the Alpha Draconis REPTOIDS and the Orion Group REPTILIANS.] We use magical rites to control the invisible world affected by the three dimensional world.

We have a technology that no one can stop. The ramifications of this technology used as a weapon are something out of a science fiction movie. We have to ensure that this technology stays within our working group. Someone could use this to disable aircraft from 400 miles away and there is nothing to trace, it would just look like the aircraft had a system failure and plummeted out of the sky.

Someone could use this to disable any alarm system, create a financial crisis by aiming at a stock exchange, someone could start wiping out every satellite in constellation and leave zero trace of what, where and how this happened. The 400 mile range is minimum, it can be increased via plasma antennas.

In fact, I have drafted The Allied Union constitution which is a policy making organization that unites 220 countries under one flag with an entirely digital universal currency called the ‘Allied Unit’ that works over the ‘Supriem Network’.

The ‘Supriem Network Plan’ is attached in this E-Mail. To answer a question, someone asked me about how do you get every country to comply?

Simple, first it will be obvious that this is the only way society in the future will prevail and if that is not enough, have you ever seen the movie ‘The Day Earth Stood Still’? The story maybe fiction but the warning and technology is real. Let’s say ‘Country Orange’ did not want to comply, now all of the sudden their country’s defense system and major economic institutions are paralysed by something they don’t understand or cannot figure out but they were warned in advance so they know who is controlling it. This is why I say it is imperative this technology never gets out of our hands, it is the ultimate weapon of a silent [endless] war.

What we have here is not a morality tale of right and wrong, good or evil, it is simply an ultimatum to the countries– “You either comply with us for a more efficient and proficient society or you won’t have a society. “

My group, which consists of former employees and some currently employed by various Intelligence Agencies and my own group based in Germany with Russian and Nordic sects, and a vast presence in South America and Antarctica, are wanting to speak to Lockheed-Martin about incorporating this technology on their satellite constellation so the entire globe would be covered. We can offer them a partnership.

If one satellite 300 miles above the Earth were retrofitted with one of our antennas, you could disable any electronic device in Northern America via an EMP effect. Our knowledge is based in Resonant Frequency and we have mapped the tonal range of Earth’s frequencies including gravity and how to detune and change oscillation of X, Y, Z axis.

Same principal behind the resonant tuning of point A to point B for an envelope effect of collapsed time-space, creating something similar to what you call a ‘Casimir Effect’ and understanding the ‘Impossible Space-Time Transition’ of 2×10-33 cm, 10-43 seconds. Sorry, can’t really translate equations in email.

Our ‘Vril Power’ is synergistically combining Gravity Units (GU) at positions specified by the coordinates (x1, x2, …) and (u) – a process in time, can be thought of as a matrix-valued function of dimensionality (n1, n2, …) U=(ux1×2…) (n1, n2, …).

If the status of a gravity unit varies as a function of time then, at any given instant, a ’snapshot’ of that gravity unit at that instant in time would be ui=u(ti).

You will first have to understand Gravity Units (GU) and Knowledge Units (KU) combined with Time (T) and its frequency in which you resonate.

Our concept of TIME undoubtedly presents new ideas which are unknown for you. First of all we cannot regard Time as a dimension or continuum, as you do. It is not that time is quantified, but one cannot conceive a moment as a point on the axis of time.

The interval dt, although it can tend towards zero, could never be perceived as small as we would like to. There is another aspect to this question we wish to underline.

You consider that the highest speed a sub-particle in the cosmos can reach is 299,780 kmph (speed of light) and you regard this speed as ‘constant’. This is not a poor measurement. Indeed, it is this same speed that we recorded within this same three-dimensional framework, but all one needs to do is change framework or three-dimensional system so that this limiting Speed changes remarkably up to the point where the only reference which can reflect the change of axis is the measurement of this speed or constant, C. I would have to get into the detail traveling using Resonant Frequency at another time, to complicated for email.

Back to my original topic, it is imperative that your group is our partner to keep under wraps for our working group, it doesn’t cost you anything to be part, we are not asking for money. We are going to cover the planet’s ground and sky with this spectrum, an artificial ‘aether’ if you will. I was also presented with an opportunity from the Russians, I was told Putin was the original source, for us to buy up an entire stockpile of CU 63,65 which you may know is used for satellites and in weapons.

Eglin AFB tests the SFW (Sensor Fused [sic] Weapon) which use copper as its main munition. I would like to have talks with Lockheed asap for partnership discussions.

As you can see with the news and its status quo, everything is lining up to usher in the ‘Supriem Network’.

Let’s also talk about the returns I can bring in through our ‘Buy Sell Program’, if you think it is an absurd amount on the return, you have nothing to lose to find out the truth. Like I said, we never touch your money, all we need is the proof of funds to proceed and the money never leaves your bank. This is a great way to be autonomous and self-funding to exclude external auditing. This technology I offer must always stay in our own working group that we will put together.

We are about to reshape the world. The ‘Supriem Network’ will soon be the only way for financial transactions and communications. It connects the entire planet.

Democracy has failed and it is time to show what One Ruler with a strong team backing him can do, I know you are with me. Michael Prescott is my right hand man, so you can continue working through him at this juncture, I will step in as the situation progresses.

Supriem Samech Marduk Ra Lucifer (Finally Redeemed) Head of the True Elohim, God of Victory and Son of the Creator, G-D

2. Who exactly wants to discredit you? From what I understand the email from Rockefeller was meant for the Italian Freemasonry, with a cc: to Leo Zagami? Where are you coming into the picture, besides from you writing the comments above and posting the email (if you did)? From what I understand, you were never involved in the communication between Rockefeller and the Italian Freemasons. So in other words, how could this have been written to discredit you?

  1. Who are SD Rockefeller and Michael N. Prescott? Are they pranksters or ‘for real’ people? If they’re ‘for real’, where is the hoax in all this? Michael N. Prescott’s MySpace site looks pretty serious to me, unless he is working for the CIA as a disinfo agent.

I would like to find out the truth about this, so I can publish it accurately. I really appreciate your time to read this and hope for a reply.

Respectfully and in friendship,
Wes Penre, Illuminati News

I got a reply from Benjamin:

Thanks for the e-mail Wes. Here is what I know about the Supriem Rockefeller business. They contacted Leo Zagami and the Italian Freemasons in an attempt to get them to go along with their plan for a new financial system. Leo then contacted me to ask for an opinion.

The thing that struck me about this business is that it coincided with some stuff I have been hearing from the Reverend Anthony Pike, a self-described descendet of the notorious illuminati Ted Pike. The Rev. Pike had previously sent me photographs of a person he said was Lord Enlil, son of lord Marduk, the leader of Satanic forces on the planet earth.

A third source of information (a member of the British Royal Family) also talked about a Nazi faction in the secret government under George Bush senior with assets in Northern Euorpe, South America (notably Paraguay and Uruguay) the Antarctic (the Norwegian ”antarctic base.”) and parts of the US military/intelligence establishment. This fit with what “supriem” described as his power base.

Since separate sources mentioned similar people, I forwarded a photo of Enlil to Mr. Zagami. The Italians did their own research and came to the conclusion the photo was a fake and that there was no Supriem David Rockefeller in the Rockefeller family. Please contact Mr. Zagami about how he came to that conclusion.

To me the whole business has all the makings of a psy-ops attempting to get us to fall into the weird zone and thus be discredited. That psy-ops may well be traceable to the Papa Bush Nazi clique.

My latest intelligence tells me there is a move to annouce a new financial system (a transparent, honest one) that is still being fiercly opposed by the “seniors” (Papa Bush, Evylin Rothschild, Queen Elizabeth et al).

If the good guys win, there will be an announcement of a Marshall plan for the planet earth with the aim of eradicating poverty, war and environmental destruction within a 3-year period.

And yes, I did write the letter you posted on your web-site. There is much I cannot say in order to protect the lives of people who are trying to do good.

Benjamin Fulford

Here below is the picture of “Enlil” (on top) he talks about in the email and the second picture is of “Nannur” (Nannar), Satan’s grandson (as referred to in the emails below):

Figure 9a: The Enlil, allegedly, put in circulation by S.A.A.L.M.

Figure 9b: Naanur, a second picture spread on the Internet by S.A.A.L.M.

The above pictures were attached to these messages:

Subject: Son of Satan
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 17:26:41 +0530

For those who are still sceptical about the existence of a physical ‘hell’ below your feet, St Anthony is now attaching a photo of the Son of Satan, Lord Enlil, titular head of the ‘Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk’ (SAALM), whose members include Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Also attached is a photo of Satan’s grandson, Lord Naanur aka Nannar, who is photographed with another member of SAALM at their meeting on 26th Oct 2006 in Basle, Switzerland. So, my friends, the global reign of the Antichrist is about to commence and all people will be ‘chipped’ in their forehead or right hand as prophesied in the Book of Revelation. So, dear friends, choose this day whom you will serve, God or Satan, Christ or Antichrist. Remember, your eternal destiny is at stake – so, let’s hope you make the RIGHT decision.

Yours in the battle for planet earth,
Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
Cosmic Research Foundation
Markapur, A.P. 523316, India
Date 6th Nov 2008

To: cosmicrfgroup
Subject: Cycle of Insanity
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 12:05:18 +0530

Global Theocratic Movement

Both the Queen and Bush are trapped in a ‘cycle of insanity’ that they cannot escape from ie. they know St Anthony is speaking the truth, but they are unable to implement it due to governmental and societal constraints which forbids implementation of that which St Anthony is propounding; hence, the mental and physical logjam. In addition, both the Queen and Bush know full well that they don’t rule either Britain or America as the REAL POWER lies UNDERGROUND. Yes, friends, St Anthony is talking about a REAL PHYSICAL HELL right below your feet!! In fact, recently, on Fri night 8th Aug in the early hours of Sat 9th Aug, St Anthony’s only begotten son, Daniel, was physically abducted and abused by PHYSICAL DEMONS from hell aboard their spacecraft while he was camping in the Kent countryside.

In this respect, in UK one of the main U/G bases is located below Welford AFB nr Newbury, Berks and in US one of the main bases is at Area 51, NV and also at Dulce and Los Alamos, NM and in Australia at Pine Gap nr Mt Zeil.

Now, friends, St Anthony says its time to WAKE UP to REALITY and kick the Devil off planet earth once and for all rather than allow the ‘demon-cratic insanity’ to continue resulting in the total destruction of all life on earth. Yes, friends, only GOD and his THEOCRATIC Govt can save planet earth; and that’s exactly what St Anthony and his ‘Global Theocratic Movement’ intend to do. In this respect, St Anthony has already established the ‘Theocratic Parliament of Britain’ in April this year and the ‘Theocratic Parliament of America’ and the ‘Theocratic Parliament of Israel’ in October. So, St Anthony means business and the Devil is now shaking in his boots as theocracy rises to the ascendancy and democracy plummets to the bottom of the bottomless pit. So, friends, REPENT NOW and come join the winning side!!

Yours in the battle for planet earth,
Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
Cosmic Research Foundation
Markapur, A.P. 523316, India
Date 3rd Nov 2008

Then I contacted Leo Zagami, who confirms that Supriem Rockefeller is real and according to Leo one of his arch enemies right now.

The Enlil/Naanur pictures looked very photo-shopped to me, so I did some research and at the same time got the original pictures sent to me by one of my visitors, showing that the Annunaki pictures are fakes. The second picture of Naanur is a photoshop job of Henry Kissinger, but I am unable to find that picture at the moment. Even the all-seeing eye on the wall in the first picture is an add-on, plus the S.A.A.L.M. insignia on the wall. The man in the picture is the Top Elite Player Zbigniew Brzezinski. These photos apparently were modified by the Intelligence Community and spread on the net by Rev. Dr. Anthony G. Pike.

Figure 9c: The original picture of Mr. Z-Big (Zbigniew Brzezinski)

When I exposed Enlil as being Brzezinski, I sent an email to Benjamin Fulford to that effect and didn’t hear anything back. I didn’t know what to make out of that at the time, but I let it go.

Interestingly enough, one morning I got this letter from Rev. Pike (cc’d to me, but primarily sent to Ben Fulford) as a response to an email Fulford sent to him in regards to the fake photos. My original email to Fulford is at the top, followed by Fulford’s comments to Pike and ending with Pike’s response. Pike says that James Casbolt, the ‘brave whistle-blower’, posted these photos as well on his website to tell the truth to the people. Mr. Casbolt did indeed do so, but when he found out they were fake, he immediately took them down, being honest enough to tell his visitors that he had been the victim of a slander campaign.

Here is my email to Ben Fulford, followed by his response to Rev. Pike. Pike’s final response is at the bottom:

From: wes penre <>
Subject: Picture Fraud
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 17:11:08 -0800

Hi again Benjamin, Got these pics from one of my visitors, so that takes care of that hoax. Now we’ll see if we can narrow it down. I re-watched your interview with David Rockefeller on YouTube. Great stuff!!

Thanks, Wes

Subject: Picture Fraud
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 12:30:18 +0900

Your photo of Lord Enlil is a psy-ops fake. You are either being fooled or you are yourself a Govt disinformation agent. Please see below.

Benjamin Fulford,
Tel. xxx-xxx-xxxx

To: cosmicrfgroup
Subject: SAALM Photos
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 22:45:33 +0530

Dear Ben and all our viewers,

St Anthony wishes to state that the originator of the Enlil photos, 33 degree Elder of Zion, SAALM/NSA operative and computer graphics expert, Ray Bordon, at aka Dr A.R. Bordon aka Dr Roy W. Gordon at,, has always stated right from the beginning that the Enlil photos, of which there are 2, not 1, are purposely ‘graphically engineered’ to ensure ‘plausible deniability’. In this respect, Brzezinski is ‘P1 and Kissinger is P2 in the SAALM hierarchy and Brzezinski is a direct descendant of the Marduk/Enlil lineage who has similar features to Enlil, but not identical, as also Hugh Hefner, by the way!!

Now, Ray was tasked with the job of ‘leaking’ info on SAALM to the general public, but has now had much of the material removed from the Net due to orders from within the SAALM hierarchy who were getting worried about all the undue exposure, especially as both Lord Marduk and Enlil don’t like their photos being taken by anyone. However, interestingly enough, the photo of Lord Naanur, who is described as being the brother of Enlil, but traditionally, is understood to be the son of Enlil and grandson of Marduk, is supposed to be a very rare ‘one off’ photo of the ‘jolly’ fellow whose personality is purported to be much more ‘jovial’ than that of Enlil and Marduk, and who is standing alongside ‘P13 of the SAALM hierarchy at the SAALM conference in Basle, Switzerland on 26th Oct 2006.

So, friends, please understand, to get cosmic top secret’ info, which is categorised 38 points higher than the H-bomb, out into the public domain demands a great deal of ingenuity on the part of those ‘leaking’ the information. So, please understand, folks, St Anthony, as former founder/director of the ‘Freedom of Information Campaign’ in London from 1991-96, is just trying to ‘leak’ all this info out as best he can, as is Ray Bordon, James Casbolt and other fearless ‘whistleblowers’ who are risking life and limb to educate YOU, the general public, about the alien presence on earth and the upcoming New World Order of the Antichrist; and, of course, the Second Coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who will defeat the Antichrist at the Battle of Armageddon and establish the long-awaited 1000 yr Millenial kingdom of God on earth in 2030.

Now, for those who have not yet seen the SAALM photos, St Anthony has managed to retrieve some of them, along with copies of Brzezinski’s photos which were used as a means of superimposing Enlil’s features on Brzezinski as well as the SAALM logo in the background, which are herewith attached. Finally, please remember, the aliens are here, and have been here for thousands of years – so, please try to understand that we are simply doing our best to educate you all concerning matters which have been kept concealed from the general public by the ruling elite, but which are now, in these last days, being revealed to the world.

Yours in the battle for planet earth,
Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
Cosmic Research Foundation
Markapur, A.P. 523316, India
Tel 91-8596-224312/9959-684635
Date 8th Feb 2009

At first, I was stunned because of the mentioning of A.R. (Ray) Bordon being mentioned in this psy op, and I must admit that made me skeptical of LPG-C’ intentions for a while. However, nothing is what it seems, and after have researched LPG-C very intensively, and communicated with the scientists there a lot for the last 6-8 months, I have learned how S.A.A.L.M. and the ACIO work.

Around the time of 2007-2008 (an eventful time period in many ways, it seems), LPG-C were subjected to a major slander campaign that almost got them “out of business” so to speak. They were infiltrated by this ACIO agent, Roy W. Gordon, who stole pictures and sensitive material from the Life Physics Group California and escaped with it (I have mentioned this story elsewhere in my papers). Around the same time (or shortly after), S.A.A.L.M., in conjunction with ACIO, started using LPG-C names in their own email correspondence, pretending this closed group of scientists were part of S.A.A.L.M., and they also faked their email addresses to extend the harassment and to muddle the waters further.

Dr. Gordon also contacts people on the Internet via forums and directly through emails. I have personally had a few, not so pleasant, encounters with him regarding Supriem Rockefeller, where he said Supriem is not whom he says he is and he started emphasizing he, Roy, is working for the NSA, which couldn’t be interpreted otherwise than a covert threat. I stood up against him, and he “disappeared”; I never heard anything more from him on that subject.

Anyhow, over time I have learned beyond any doubt, that LPG-C, or any of its members, have never been a part, or in liaison with, this Serpent Clan group. The people at Pine Gap are professionals when comes to confuse the public, to count out their “opponents”. One way of doing so is to play both parties in a conflict, war, or game. Still, I am not surprised to see Brzezinski and Kissinger on the ACIO/S.A.A.L.M. member list.

Now it’s time to reveal who Rev. Anthony Pike really is and the character of this man; the professional disinformation agent who screwed up big time for S.A.A.L.M. He is telling us a lot of relevant things, but also mixes in blatant lies to sidetrack those who want to know the truth. Albeit, by the time of this writing, I would be surprised if either Roy W. Gordon or Rev. Anthony Pike are still part of the Pine Gap Group. They have been more of an embarrassment to their group than of assistance. I am aware of that Dr. Gordon is still signing off his emails with “Pine Gap”, but again, I would be mighty surprised if he is still with the group.

In 2008, he was the one who put me on Pike’s mailing list (without my consent), but I left it alone, because some topics were of some interest to me. I very rarely posted anything on that list, but mostly just read the postings from others.

However, Rev. Pike’s behavior on the list became more and more bizarre, and one day he posted something that really caught me off guard. This guy lives in India and Great Britain, respectively, and he is supposedly pro-environmental. In this series of emails he seriously stated that he wants all motor vehicle drivers shot on the spot, or trialed for crimes against humanity, and executed! As a response to my reaction to this statement, he said he was “seriously kidding”, but if you continue reading the emails below, you’ll see he was deadly serious.

> >—–Original Message—–> >

From: Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike [] > >Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2007 5:05 AM
<> >To:
> >Subject: Steps to Save the Planet

Steps to Save the Planet

1) Shoot all car/truck/bus/bike drivers on site and airline pilots.

2) Plant one billion trees.

N.B. Steps must be implemented immediately to avoid a global
catastrophe and extinction of human race.

P.S. To escape being shot, STOP DRIVING YOUR CAR!!!!!!!

Yours in the battle for planet earth,
Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
Cosmic Research Foundation Markapur, A.P. 523316, India E-Mail
Date 17th March 2007.
Cosmic Research Foundation
Markapur, A.P. 523316, India

From: “Wes@xxx”
To: “‘Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike’”
Subject: RE: Steps to Save the Planet
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 14:17:32 -0700

Are you kidding or are you serious?

Wes Penre,
Illuminati News

– – –
Dear Joe [Joe = Prophet Yahweh, Wes’ comment],

This is just to help clarify who is a Satanist and who isn’t.

A Satanist is a sinner. A Christian is a saint.

Satan managed to separate the church from the state so that his kingdom on earth would not be affected. Satan then proceeded to take over control of the church so that now both church and state are controlled by Satan.

Yours in the battle for planet earth,
Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
Cosmic Research Foundation Markapur, A.P. 523316, India E-Mail
Date 17th March 2007.
Cosmic Research Foundation
Markapur, A.P. 523316, India

> >From: Prophet Yahweh >
>To: “Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike” >
>Subject: Re: Steps to Save the Planet
> >Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 08:36:02 -0700 (PDT)


Dear Anthony Pike,

I am not a Christian. I am a black orthodox Jew.

And based on what you said, only Christians are saints.

I strongly disagree with what you said.

Also, your second email below, about shooting all who drive, reminds me of how people who looked like you declared that all my people (slaves) who ran off from their plantations, to find freedom in the Northern Non-Slave states, were to be shot on sight. Rather you were joking or not, I did not appreciate receiving your last two emails to me.

Because of these two points, I politely ask that you take me off
your list.

Thanking you in advance,
Prophet Yahweh

Dear Pastor Ramon,

There’s NO DIFFERENCE between a true Jew and a true Christian. However, if you’re a ‘fake’ Jew or Christian you got problems.

Regarding car drivers, they are guilty of mass murder and genocide and should be tried for ‘war crimes’ and then executed. If this is not done, God will do it Himself in the ‘Day of God’s Wrath’ from 2012 – 2030 (Rev 11.18).

Regarding our mailing list, I will give you time to ‘cool down’ as yours is purely any emotional reaction; and, furthermore, you have already been appointed as one of our ‘X-Men’.

Yours in the battle for planet earth,
Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
Cosmic Research Foundation
Markapur, A.P. 523316, India
Date 19th March 2007

Dear Wes,

Thought I’d wake a few people up!!!! Yes, I’m seriously kidding!!!!!!

Watch this space for more info on the subject. God ain’t finished with this planet yet!!!!!!!!

Yours in the battle for planet earth,
Rev Anthony G. Pike (UK)
Cosmic Research Foundation
Markapur, A.P. 523316, India
Date 19th March 2007

Date 22nd March 2007
>From: “Wes@xxx”
>To: “‘Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike’” >Subject: RE: Steps to Save the Planet

Dear Rev. Pike,

I strongly agree with Prophet Yahweh. I was shocked to get the message (see bottom of this email) that car drivers etc. should be shot! Are you trying to help the Illuminati to reduce the population?

In my eyes, this would be mass murder or genocide; far worse than Hitler’s Holocaust. Looks like you are showing your real satanic colors, pastor. If there were only TWO choices I could make and I HAD TO make one, whether to follow you or Hitler, I think Hitler is the better choice. At least the amount of victims of his were only within the million bracket.

Who are you to decide who is to live and who is to die? We don’t need yet another genocide, sir. As a matter of fact, we don’t need any more killing whatsoever. Haven’t we had enough already? I don’t know what is clouding your eyes, but whatever it is it will lead you straight to the place you warn others about.

Please remove me from the list and I would appreciate if you
distributed this, my letter, to the rest of the group.

Thank you,
Wes Penre, Illuminati News

P.S. I will burn the information kit you sent me in the mail. I don’t
want to have anything to do with it.

Dear Wes,

Thanks for your and Prophet Yahweh’s great words of wisdom. You and him are the type of people that brought Hitler to power and will shortly bring the Antichrist to power through total lack of understanding of what I’ve said and the aim of saying it. Prophet Yahweh, for instance, thinks I want to kill car drivers because car drivers are purposely going around trying to run people over. Okay, why don’t you put your mouth over the exhaust pipe for 1 minute and see what happens – yes, you got it, you’ll be DEAD. So, every time you go around in your car you are literally murdering thousands of people!!!! I also heard that car exhaust fumes are radioactive- so, what with computer screens, mobile phones and TVs, let alone nuclear reactors and bombs, the whole planet is in radioactive meltdown!!!!

Yours in the battle for planet earth,
Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)

James Casbolt, the former MI6, S.A.A.L.M. member and more, who was also on this list, but not very talkative, mentions Pike as a “friend” in his book, “Agent Buried Alive”..

Needless to say, I left the group shortly after I’d blasted Pike, telling him things I don’t want to repeat here. Ramon (Prophet Yahweh) was equally upset and left as well.

I guess all organizations have their agents who can’t control themselves, and so does S.A.A.L.M. Here are excerpts from emails posted on the Godlike Productions Forum (GLP)[16] in December 2009, where Dr. Gordon is threatening one of the forum members. I will quote the whole post:

Well I recently checked my e-mail and was surprised to see this e-mail in my inbox. Unfortunately I reported it as a phishing scam to Google, and they took it out of my box! But, I did save the message.

This was from: “” So I guess feel free to e-mail him!




As a note aside, the above email from Dr. Gordon reminds me of the law under which the members are subjected. “Items 5 and 6” of that law, taken from a leaked, secret Intranet conversation between members, says:

Item 5 dissuades us from disclosing anyone from the association
with S.A.A.L.M. punishable by death.

Item 6 tell us that the agency will seek extreme termination with
prejudice in the case of a breach of this agreement resulting in the
disclosure of unauthorized information, beginning with extreme
harrassment [sic] in order to stop the disclosure.[18]

Dr. Gordon apparently felt a power rush at the moment and tried to instigate the threat of a similar nature being applied to public who reveal too much about “King Marduk”. However, if true that Dr. Gordon has been expelled from S.A.A.L.M., public statement like this was probably part of his problem.

Dr. Gordon also has a facebook account which is much more laid back:

6.1 S.A.A.L.M.’s Secret Conversations Leaked

S.A.A.L.M., with their Headquarters in Pine Gap, Australia, is an offshoot from the ACIO, with the whole purpose, as mentioned earlier, to keep Marduk’s clan in power after Nibiru has passed through the solar system. 

Figure 12: Australian map with Pine Gap circled in red in the middle

Pine Gap, near Alice Springs, Australia[19], has a bad reputation, and is known for alien and UFO activities, especially reptilian. It’s not a place you want to go camping. There are also a lot of Global Elite research and experiments going on in the area, such as Echelon[20] and Project L.U.C.I.D.[21], most of it is orchestrated by a faction of the Earthbound Anunnaki of the Serpent Clan, possibly in cooperation with a faction of the Alpha Draconian Reptilians.

S.A.A.L.M. were using a secure server to communicate to their members, where they could speak more openly. However, Casbolt (most probably) decided to put their conversations on the Internet so everybody could read. He was successful and at least some of the communication leaked out. I’m going to post that information here, so the reader gets a fuller picture of this organization, also because S.A.A.L.M. apparently have now closed the Internet Archives pertaining to their correspondence.

First a few pictures that were attached to the information:

Figure 13a: Between Christ and Satan 

Figure 13b: Close-up of one of the above book pages

Figure 13c: A Masonic S.A.A.L.M. Passport

P6 Intro



Welcome to the S.A.A.L.M

We have our work cut out for us. Please download attachment form on which we ask that you provide us with certain information on yourself. This information will NOT be shared with any patrons or funding sources, present or former employers, or anyone outside the group. The information gathered therein will be used to catalog talent within the group, suggest assignments to new members and invite “old” members to task forces, focus groups, analysis conferences, etc. In other words, it is intended for dcision-making on deployment of talent within the group to tasks as they may appear on the horizon.

We hope to have an information system set up such that a server not connected to the net but accessible through “gates” can store all group production by member, so when specialty and talent needs to be identified for any one or more tasks important to the group, this may be quickly by the stroke of a few keys.

Additionally, upon consultation with foundation legal counsel, it has been determined by the first-among-equals that any work performed by anyone, of any nationality, for and on behalf of S.A.A.L.M. will require strict compartmentalized coverage under certain chapters and parts of the Code of Federal Regulations (CRF) and other congressional acts and laws. We will handle highly sensitive information without the benefit of formal clearance vetting; therefore, each of us need to sign at minimum a nondisclosure agreement that describes what our legal advisors require S.A.A.L.M members to be covered for. Shortly, you will also get a security indoctrination memo from one of us. This will address item No. 2 in the nondisclosure agreement following the CV questionnaire. This is information with you, in compliance with legal requirements set for us to go by.

We have established a nonvetting status for S.A.A.L.M members to receive and work with what is essentially information of a classified nature. Nonvetting means that there will not be a lengthy background check process, and that much of the responsibility for keeping the ranks free of checkered characters and egomaniacs falls on us the founding members. The suggestion has been made, and the first-among-equals and some of the first members agree, that the first fifty members be declared “founding members” — a distinction that constitutes more of a badge of courage and wisdom about the necessity for S.A.A.L.M and the personal valor for being a stand-up and be counted kind of person.

We will need to have these documents back as soon as feasibly possible. Keep copies for your records but off the desktop.

Again, welcome Brothers. Work is ahead of us, but let’s have fun doing it.

In service to All.



P4 Update

Task Members

I am going to invite you to log in onto the SAALM group, go to the FILES section, click, and get into the Orion_Sirius_Asmodeus Folder. Once in, to the the Exercise 1a- WA-G4B0032 Word.doc, download it and follow the instructions at the end of the file. We are using an identical strategy here to the one used in getting our own folks to gain perspective(s) on and discernment of an information-set, and then subject the intellectual extract(s) of what you are able to gain from your analysis of the set to your “other” brain’s “intellect” and see what happens. What will be interesting for us to learn about all of yourselves in doing this exercise. When you start dealing with real information on things of interest to the group, I need to know you will have the metamethod in place and your visceral “nose” is working and fully engaged. We’ll also get to see throughout these exercises how much, how well (or how little) you trust your enteric brain, its information processing and your trust and use of the information it generates for you…Makes sense?

Tell me your views and feelings on the task.

CA-3 continues his and the team’s trek. His location is not related to his tasks, but rather it is a necessity for him at this time. He is proceeding on down to the next location, and once over onto the other. We’re heeding his recommendation and taking them in tandem.

Recruiting continues. We pick up seven and lose three (due to the CV/NDA requirement). The team you belong to is still short of people but it will come. The two others are beginning to work on T&D assignments (such as what you are starting now). For the next 12 months, we’ll slowly bring everybody up to par and up to speed on things, and once 2D is in your hands, allow about 3-6 months to have people get into Accelerated Learning[23] from the inside out, not the other way around. Am enclosing a relatively new article DA-1 and I did a while ago, as it is pertinent to some of the questions you raised about enteric info processing and A.L.. It is actually a presentation on the bases of life physics, with particular attention to 4-spacetime “reality matrices.” I have a feeling it will help you understand things a little clearer.[24]


PA Alpha

Subject: Preapplication from Alpha member for Working Group

FYI, this came to P4, P5 and myself today. I’ve polled the others, and have their agreement that RomanCandle would be a good addition to the Working Group. He is member of Alpha group, Traveler-1 (DTS) and Raven’s group. I was also forewarned by DTS that GreatWaldo (the fellow with the Annunaki Gold from the Rothschild line is also interested in joining, but have not heard from him yet. Anyway, below please find copy of his message to P1 P2 and P12

G07 — Chief Scientist

G09 — Project Officer

Membership Preapplication — S.A.A.L.M. Working Group —

This is my preapplication for membership in the S.A.A.L.M. Working Group. I am sending this preapplication by advice of my Alpha-FAE, Traveler-1, and per conversation with P3 on 3 September 2006. You already have my CV and I have signed all documentation required earlier this year.

I respectfully petition membership in the Working Group. I have contributions to make that members may find helpful, and I am ready to do my part in the effort.


Since this is preapplication, that means he is announcing intention and testing the waters… He’s the orange… I will put together a summary of what he submitted, and as he is an engineer at the lab, he is covered by things you are not covered for, so let me get around that and see if I can get hold of his CV and possibly a resume, at least of things you can see… We need to vote on this. Good enough? Let me know as soon as possible, so as to be able to give him an answer to what I understand will be a formal application once he hears from one of us unofficially…

In service,

Dear GA-2,

Thank you for calling last night.  I’m afraid that this is what happens when I get stressed past a certain point, and it is evident to me and my family that things have gone way past what I can cope with and remain functional at this point in time.  I’m sorry I was not able to truly listen to you.  Could you please put the substance of what your assessment of the present situation is in an email to each of us? 

Before I continue, please let me update you on the situation with the man in St. Jo with the terminal colon cancer…I believe it was the 4th of this month that we found out about him and prayed for him.  Yesterday (9/7) we got word  that the man, whose rent has now been fully taken care of, went back to the doctor who reexamined him and stated that the problem was not nearly as serious as they had first believed!  That was the same day I interfaced with Hurricane John and asked it to disperse some of its energy and please slow down.  It did, from a category 4 to a 2…I’ll bet lots of people were praying the same thing, and there are a lot of devout believers in Mexico!  Thank you all for adding your prayers and energy to Mother Earth’s and mine.

My big question is how did this Casbolt person know our email addresses?  Never mind the shocking nature of his allegations.  It feels like someone is really trying to massage my view of what is, and that is the one thing guaranteed to send me into red alert emergency lockdown defend against all comers mode.  Sorry, that’s simply how it is with me just now.  The written word is something tangible yet way less charged than personal contact, which I apparently can’t manage at this time.  I can deal with the written word best right now.

The whole reason I decided to participate in the first place is that this seemed like the first really pure and altruistic group endeavor I’d ever heard of since, say, the early days of the space program.  It seems like the very best way I can help others, and the transformation in my own being astounds me.  To have this endeavor threatened, from whatever source and for whatever reason, makes me sick in the core of my soul.  I’m doing everything I can to manage my stress so I can truly understand what is going on and thus know how to appropriately respond.  This is why I told you at the very beginning about having PTSD, because I was concerned that just this sort of thing would happen, to the detriment of us all.  I feel incredibly protective of this mission, these people–all of them, and the things we’re all learning, and the idea of this know how in the wrong hands horrifies me. Yet whoever is originating all this had to have rather intimate access to our group–a security breach of the worst kind–and this has been an ongoing concern for me from the very beginning.  I think the blog may have been a mistake.  It seemed like almost a dare to the entire intel community, and I think no spy worth his dark glasses could resist attempting a crack at such a tempting, alluring target!  CB and I are working up a sitrep/intel analysis to follow ASAP.  It will be sent as an attachment to an email.  If that’s not ok, if you want it sent another way let us know.

What works best for me in such a situation is information, and the best medium for me to process information and correlate it with what I already know from this and other data streams is the written word.

Thank you for your patience.  I want to get to the bottom of this and understand it all.

Namaste, Wise Owl

September 8 2006  1335 CDT

Dear First-among-Equals,

What follows is our joint assessment and analysis of the present situation as seen from our perspective.  It is based on telephone, email and IM conversations between us and yourselves, email exchanges between us, Mr. S and yourselves, the Casbolt letter, and communications from S. to us, which we immediately forwarded unanswered to you.  It is based on gnosive and intuitive methods as well, and thus what we interpret may not be the complete picture.  We’ve looked at the overall cumulus of information available to us many times, considering all possibilities, and this is what we’ve come up with.

The grandfather of all concerns is how much of this technology has gotten out, and to whom?  Who does Mr. H actually work for?  And how did he get to be in such a sensitive position before anybody had received any CV or NDA from him?  This looks like a professional intelligence operation of the highest quality combined with a security breach at a high level within and structurally endemic to this organization.  Either that or it is an elaborate test for us which we consider to be entirely possible since it is hard to believe that fuks with your professional associations could be so badly blindsided.

The primary problem appears to be a spectacular failure of internal security at a very basic level.  The decision to place Mr. H in such a sensitive position before securing a signed NDA and a complete and fully substantiated CV was a poor one.  Not only that, but there are 13 people in this group, and we haven’t seen any documentation on any of them.  The only CVs we’ve seen were the most recent one about RC and one before which everyone agreed was unsuitable.

We think the blog was a mistake, practically an invitation for some enterprising young intelligence operative to have a crack at such a tempting target.  There are people in that business who’d attempt it just to see if it could be done!  Then there is plain old greed, which must not be ignored.  And you yourselves have written in “Between the Devil and the Returning Rock” about how thoroughly our military and intelligence communities were compromised, about the presence of M.s people on military bases on US soil.  Yet these organizations were invited subscribers to the blog!

We understand that you are scientists and creative geniuses, and are finely focussed on the investigative and development side of things, but perhaps have not before now needed to become personally involved with security as we would imagine the companies you were with previously would have had excellent internal security.  And we well understand the nature of a true scientist is not only to discover but to share, compare notes, see what results everybody comes up with.  Yet when it comes to developing a technology with the express purpose of saving billions of lives, security should be of paramount concern and should be in the hands of experts.

Mr. S is of particular concern to us. 

His email to Ga-2, cc to us, dated 08/28/2006, looks like a set of legitimate questions a student would have about this rather exotic subject.  However, they could also be the final, confirming kind of questions a mole would ask to be sure he had  the information accurately interpreted and memorized.  Possibilities, not certainties.  Yesterday he’s alleging to have been told that H was murdered, quits the group, then today he’s asking for more modules?!  We shouldn’t be allowing this guy anywhere near this organisation and this information/technology.

What concerns us most is the fact that Ed K.[22] is discussing things he couldn’t possibly have learned except from a leak from within this organisation.  Either that, or someone is doing a damned good job of monitoring what should be secure and private communication channels.  That is an industry basic security measure.  The reality is that today’s world is full of people who wouldn’t hesitate to steal this technology for profit or worse.

Finally — who is James Casbolt and how does he know so much about this project?  

We understand that this was a “sticking our necks out” sort of venture but that doesn’t mean we should become sharkbait because of poor security — that would be a complete waste of everything we’re all working for.

Mistakes have been made, but there are valuable lessons to be learned from all this.  We need to learn from this and adjust our structure and practice accordingly.  Knowledge must be applied to become wisdom!

We trust the L but they are not obligated to save us from our own foolishness.  It is indeed our responsibility to defend our own biokind and sort out our own political and cultural differences.  As we understand it, they are helping this project in an extraordinary way but they have limits to which they must adhere.  Let’s not waste this opportunity to help our own planet and many others besides by allowing ourselves to be this vulnerable to penetration.

We should be taking all available measures to secure this project  because its premature exposure will nullify the effectiveness and thus thwart the very purpose for which all this is being done: it will put the possibility of BST into the reach of the enema, the man from the gateway, and every terrorist with access to the Internet.  Security should be comparable to that of the Manhattan Project.  Instead, we have this present dilemma.

Wise Owl and Cannonball

James Casbolt, the MI6 whistle-blower, who was cleverly taken down from the Internet and successfully silenced. Don’t get me wrong; he’s still alive from what I know, but his, sometimes quite revealing, website was successfully shut down. 

There are those who have written Casbolt off as a hoax because he had the fake pictures of Enlil and Naanur on his website together with some photos which was supposedly from Dulce underground base, but in fact were fake too. Unfortunately, this is often what happens to whistle-blowers when they come close to the truth. Casbolt was fed fake pictures to discredit the rest of the relevant information on the website, and some researchers fell for the trick and started discredit him, instead of looking at the bigger picture.

Figure 14: James Casbolt

So the rumors of Casbolt being a hoax spread quickly over the Internet and most people now wrote him off. Casbolt saw no other solution than to discontinue his website–unfortunately.

It is true that Casbolt, just like he says in interviews and in his excellent book, “Agent Buried Alive”, he has been subjected to heavy mind control from within the government. He was subjected to a specific one called “Project Mannequin”, and he is apparently trained as an assassin. However, he has been working on breaking the control, which is not an easy task, and done his best to reveal his experiences. Once in a while, he has fallen back in line and had “relapses”, but that is to be expected. I, for one, am not discarding Casbolt as a hoax at all. He fits too well into the picture, and most of what he has been telling us is true. To his defense, he also apologized for the fake pictures on his website, admitting he had been tricked. But it was too little, too late, as it seems. What a shame.

There is some quite interesting conversations, as I mentioned earlier, between S.A.A.L.M. members, ripped off a secure server, put on the Internet  (much of it by Casbolt himself), taken down, but then retrieved from the Internet Archives. Fortunately, people were able to download this information in time before it even disappeared from the Wayback Machine.

I am not going to copy the whole thing here, as it can be conveniently read at “”[25].

My next paper will continue the story about the WingMakers, the Labyrinth Group, the Corteum, and how they have set up their great deception. Let’s add the “Anima Problem” and Blank Slate Technology (BST) to the mix.

See Original Source for References • • • ••••)

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PFC Paper #4: The Animus, Artificial Intelligence, and Blank Slate Technology
by Wes Penre, Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  1. The Labyrinth Group, ACIO, and the NSA (a Background)

The NSA (National Security Agency) is a government organization whose forerunner was the “General Services Special Projects Laboratory” (SPL). SPL was formed in 1938, and very little is known about it. It was not meant to be an official body. Then, in 1949, the “Armed Forces Security Agency” (AFSA) was created, on May 20.[1] On November 4, 1952, the NSA was officially formed and instigated by Harry S. Truman.[2] A year later, in 1953, SPL was folded into the NSA as un unacknowledged department, and ultimately, the ACIO# (Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization) was folded into the SPL as an unacknowledged research laboratory.[3] ACIO, in fact, is older than both the NSA and the AFSA, as it was created in 1940, two years after SPL. It was two levels deep and its code name was “Black Root”.[4]

The reason for all this secrecy and security was not due to war or Intelligence gathering on antagonistic countries or leaders, as many people think. Rather, it was (and is) because of the ET issue. It’s mainly a race against whom is going to get ET technology for military applications first.

The Labyrinth Group, which was created by code name “Fifteen” (more about him in the next subsection), came into existence much later, in 1963, with its main purpose to learn how to master Blank Slate Technology (BST) to counter an alien invasion, something which will be discussed in details later in this paper.

In review: the Neruda Interviews contain more correct information than The Anderson Interviews (see Wes Penre: “PFC Paper #3: The True Story About the WingMakers, The Labyrinth Group, and S.A.A.L.M. (May 26, 2011)” for reference). In fact, as explained in the above reference, the WMM was taken over by the Labyrinth Group and the Corteum, the latter being an alien faction working with the Labyrinth Group. After that, the WMM became more esoteric and purposely made less comprehensible for the public. The new owner of the WingMakers site, Mahu Nahi of the Corteum, wanted people to believe that it was mostly myth to defuse the truth that had been released by Dr. Neruda, a defector from the same group.

So, for the record (and this is coming directly from the horse’s mouth, Dr. Neruda, whom I’ve been connected with), the Neruda Interviews are what is containing the most truth of all the WMM, in conjunction with the “Ancient Arrow Project”, although the latter has been altered by Mahu Nahi, a.k.a. “James”. The rest of the WMM still contains truth (like in the case of the Sovereign Integral, the Energetic Heart, and most of how the human template is constructed), but needs to be read very carefully to distinguish between truth and falsehood.

  1. Fifteen; The Man Behind the Number

(Some of this will be repetition from previous paper in order to give the whole story, so a lot of additional information has been added).

According to the Neruda Interviews, Fifteen was born in 1934 and was only 22 years old when he joined the ACIO in 1956. He was a renegade genius from the universities who wanted to build computers powerful enough to be used for time-travel. He came to the ACIO from Bell Laboratories due to an alliance between the two organizations at that time.

In 1958, the Corteum became known to the ACIO, and due to Fifteen’s incomparable genius he was the obvious choice for being the one working with them. The Corteum found his obsessive interest in time-travel interesting, and somewhere along the line they told him about Blank Slate Technology (BST), a very special form of time-travel, which the Corteum had been trying to develop for some time. Fifteen was hooked as soon as he got to know about it. 

Figure 1 Zeta Gray

While working within the ACIO, Fifteen was approached by the Zeta Grays, who wanted to offer him a full-scale Technology Transfer Program (TTP#), but Fifteen turned them down. He did not fully trust them, and he had already a similar (and better) program set up with the Corteum. Also, the Grays were much less organized and united than the Corteum, and the least thing Fifteen wanted was instability.

Albeit, there was something the Grays had which the Corteum lacked; memory implants and their genetic hybridization technologies. After much consideration, he decided to make a deal with them as well, but outside of the organization. He did not want too close of a relationship with the Zetas. In exchange, we provided them with access to our “information systems relative to genetic populations and their unique predisposition across a variety of criteria including mental, emotional, and physical behaviors; and they [also] provided us with their genetic findings.”[5]

We need to keep in mind here that there are several different bands of Grays, and not all of them are from Zeta Reticuli I and II; some of them are not even from our galaxy. Grays are pretty common in the Universe. However, even the Zeta Grays are not united, and different factions have different imperatives. Something many of them have in common (although working within different, unrelated groups, sometimes antagonistic to each other), is their genetic research agenda. They are a dying race and need genetics from the Living Library (Earth and its life forms) to strengthen their biokind. Their deteriorating bodies have to a large degree lost their ability to host an Information Cloud (soul), and have therefore become more and more like artificial intelligence. 

Figure 2: Joint Corteum & ACIO Seal

Factions of the Grays made treaties with humans already in the early 1950s through the Eisenhower administration (if not even earlier, through Hitler), and offered TTP in exchange for being allowed to abduct humans and animals in small quantities for their research. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Grays broke their agreement and abducted far more people than the government had agreed to, and in addition, the Grays did not report each abduction case to the government either, which they had promised. I am not sure if Fifteen was unaware of this fact when he made this new agreement with another faction of the Grays, or if he was willing to pay the price of deception for the exchange of technology on a conscious basis. His reasoning is unknown to me, unfortunately, as it would tell us more about this man’s character.

Whatever the case, the Grays were clearly interested in our information databases, and this was their primary agenda in regards to the ACIO, as it looked like. This particular band of Grays reported directly to Fifteen, because they saw him as someone with an IQ similar to themselves, and regarded him as the CEO of Earth. In many ways, he actually was…

In 1963, two hundred Corteum members under the supervision of their leader, Mahu Nahi, and 118 brilliant human scientists joined Fifteen in the project of building the Labyrinth Group, which was somewhat connected to, but mostly separated from, the ACIO and the NSA. By using his influence, and with some help from his alien friends, Fifteen soon found himself in charge of both the ACIO and the Labyrinth Group, which was one of his big goals. In completing this, he had great help from Dr. Neruda’s stepfather, who was a high executive of the ACIO and supportive of Fifteen. He assisted in putting Fifteen as the CEO of the ACIO. Fifteen could now put a cloak of secrecy around both groups in a way he couldn’t have done prior to that. He now had free hands to develop BST. A little bit later in this paper, I am going to explain why Fifteen and the Corteum are so interested in this time-travel technology, and how the technology works, and it has to do with prophecy, and an alien race from another galaxy; an Invader Force, whose purpose is to establish themselves here and steal our genetics. However, in a much more aggressive way than the Grays. At least, this is what the Corteum has been telling the Labyrinth Group.

Fifteen soon made the Labyrinth Group quite a wealthy organization by selling soft technology to the government and certain major Companies in the U.S. and the rest of the world. These technologies came from the Corteum, and some from the Grays, but Fifteen kept most of it within his group, and only sold what he thought would be “safe” and not used for destructive purposes. This is the main source of income for the group, to be able to finance their research. Then, what Fifteen considers “safe technology” is up for debate.

Figure 3: Fifteen in Hawaii, circa 1978

Fifteen, for obvious reasons, is a very private person, and he is working on BST more or less 24/7; that’s mainly all he does. The number “fifteen” has to do with security clearance within the ACIO and the Labyrinth Group. Levels 1-11 are assigned to the ACIO only, and 12-14 are all within the Labyrinth Group; in fact, they are the Labyrinth Group. Level Fifteen is reserved for Fifteen himself, hence his nick-name. His real name is not known to me.

So how does he look? He is now, as of this writing, on his 77th year; there is a description of him in the Neruda Interviews, and a photo taken of him at his resort in Hawaii in 1978, when he was 44 years old. It was put in circulation (without Fifteen’s consent, I’m sure) (fig. 3). This picture has been verified to me by reliable sources as being genuine.

Fifteen is of average height, and when Dr. Neruda defected, he had shoulder-long hair, gray, usually worn in a ponytail. Neruda said he always reminded him of Pablo Picasso with long hair, and the same penetrating eyes. They are also mischievous, “like you’d expect from a child who’s done something wrong on the surface, but underneath, they’ve created something wonderful, it’s just that nobody understands the wonderful part yet.”

His country of origin is Spain, which is interesting, because Mahu Nahi, the leader of the Corteum alien race, who supposedly took over the WingMakers site, has a Spanish accent and lets the people know in Hempel’s recorded interviews that he was born in Spain, outside Barcelona. If he’s a Corteum, that’s of course misinformation, but if the person whom Hempel met in his home in the Summer of 2008 was Fifteen, it explains both the accent and his height. Hempel didn’t mention Mahu’s height, but if he was a Corteum, he would have looked slightly different from a normal human. The evidence speaks of a person who looks quite normal, of about average height, visiting Hempel in his home, and unless someone else within the Labyrinth Group is from Spain as well, Fifteen fits the profile. Just some food for thought.[6]

Fifteen is on a life mission. Some of us can relate to that. Ever since we were little kids we knew there is something we need to do and we need to find out what it is. Fifteen found out early in life that he wanted to work with developing time-travel technologies. He probably didn’t know why he had that inner drive, but when other kids were playing regular children’s games, Fifteen was already thinking about time-travel. In school and the universities, he quickly outsmarted his professors and didn’t keep quiet about it. He was outspoken and eager to show what he knew. Of course, us being aware of how things work in the field of education, the professors, instead of taking this brilliant young man to heart, they felt threatened by him and often kicked him out from their school of learning.

His already off-the-chart IQ was boosted exponentially when he was subjected to the Corteums’ “Accelerated Intelligence Technology” (AIT#). Then, after he had selected the cream of the crop from the scientific core of the ACIO, he let them undergo the same procedure in an effort to create a team which could successfully develop BST#.

2.1 A Cloak of Secrecy, Two Different Defense Weapons and Hidden Agendas

Fifteen has already from the beginning been very secretive about everything he is doing. Nothing whatsoever which is discussed within the Labyrinth Group is allowed to be discussed with anybody outside the organization; not even with life partners. Hence, Dr. Neruda is the first, and only person so far who has defected from the Labyrinth Group and started talking both about the Animus Problem (which will be addressed in this paper) and BST.

Dr. Neruda says in his interview:

Fifteen withholds his knowledge from the media and the general public because he doesn’t want to be seen as a savior of humanity–the next messiah. And he especially doesn’t want to be seen as some fringe lunatic that should be locked up, or worse yet, assassinated because he is so misunderstood. The instant he stepped forward with what he knows he would lose his privacy and his ability to discover BST. And this he’ll never do.

Most people who know about this greater reality are fearful of stepping into the public scrutiny because of the fear of being ridiculed. You have to admit, that the general public is frightened by what it doesn’t understand, and they do kill the messenger.[7]

To fully understand why this is such a secret I need to touch on the subject of the Animus before we go into them in detail.

Briefly, the Anima (Anima or Animae; plural of Animus) are apparently an alien, ontocyboenergetic* life form from another galaxy who are planning on coming here to Earth as an invader force; as conquerors, but also to get hold of our DNA. Due to a catastrophe in their past, they developed into a machine race with artificial intelligence. In other words, they lack what we call a soul, or information cloud.[8] Their intention is to once again be able to have soul-carriers (biological bodies – biokinds – which can carry a soul) and to have information clouds inhabit them. If they don’t, they can not be part of the evolvement towards being ONE with the Prime Creator, and their part in the universal cycles will be very limited. Therefore they are planning on invading this planet, steal our DNA, and perhaps our whole biokind template, and kill off the rest of the population.

So why Earth? Why travel from a distant galaxy to invade us, a small planet in the outskirts of the Milky Way?

First of all, we are not “just” a small planet. Our biokind is very special and part of an intergalactic experiment called the Living Library. Yes, the Living Library was interfered with some 300,000 years ago when the Anunnaki took over this planet, but our soul-carriers are still very special, and carry traits which are quite unusual in this galaxy and beyond; namely, a wide range of emotions!

Still, we are not the only target for the Animus. They have set out probes in our solar system as well as in others. This year, in 2011, they are scheduled to set up a new probe close to Earth to study our development as a human species. Last they checked (around 12,000 years ago), we were still not developed enough for them to interfere, but Fifteen and the Corteum are afraid that we are now! This means that an invasion could be scheduled by the Anima shortly after the probe has scanned our present biokind/biomind.

This is where BST comes into the picture. With the gain of certain knowledge, Fifteen is hoping to be able to stop the invasion by using his time-travel technology. Details about how this works will be discussed in a separate section below.

Thus, we can see from Fifteen’s point of view why he wants to keep this whole thing secret. However, Dr. Neruda didn’t agree with Fifteen’s approach to use BST to stop this alien race. Just like LPG-C, the Labyrinth Group have their form of remote viewing (RV#), similar to Extra Neuro Sensing (ENS#), but although the subject of ENS is not supposed to be able to detect the neuro-sensor (or ENS, the person who remote views), the WingMakers detected the ENS used by Fifteen and they started to probe her. When Fifteen established that the beings whom detected her were actually WingMakers of the Central Race, he got cold feet and stopped all future RV sessions. He was afraid that the WingMakers would jeopardize his BST plans and stop him.

This was another reason why Dr. Neruda defected. He believed that the WingMakers’ defense weapon installed on our planet would be more effective than BST; he said that all logic showed this to be true, but Fifteen strongly disagreed.

So how can the seven WingMakers sites be defensive weapons? It’s because, due to extensive RV sessions, Dr. Neruda came to the conclusions that among other things, they are DNA triggers. It is known inside the Labyrinth Group that these sites are supposedly meant to activate something in our DNA. This hypothesis alone makes a great connection to the renegade group of Pleiadians whom Barbara Marciniak is channeling. The latter is, in their own words, here to help us activate dormant parts of our DNA[8]. Although they have not mentioned anything in their lectures about the Tributary Zone in general, they have made hints to that such exist, and of course the Pleiadians are not the only alien race interested in seeing our DNA evolve. The Anima, in more clear language, is after our “source code”; the code which the Lyrans and their group of Original Planners implanted in our DNA, the code which is being “decoded” as we speak by gamma rays transmitted from the Sun and the Galactic Center by the Founders, who appear in segments, in form of light-waves! By understanding this source code, they can prevent us from evolving. At least, this is what makes all the sense to me, but there is another twist to this story, as we shall see when we move on.

The purpose of this activation was still a mystery when Dr. Neruda defected, but Neruda himself thinks it has something to do with stimulating our fluid intelligence and enabling sensory inputs that have been dormant within our central nervous system (and he is right). The enhancement of the central nervous system, still according to both Dr. Neruda and Marciniak’s group, makes the defensive weapon more effective to any alien attack. In fact, it has to do with ascension; the rest is secondary.

Dr. Neruda contemplated that the WingMakers’ defensive weapon had to do with rendering our planet invisible to the 2011 probes sent out by the Anima, and in a sense, that is true as we shall see in the Soulution Papers. Here are Dr. Neruda’s own words:

They [the WingMakers] wrote that higher frequencies were emanating from the central universe, and that these seven sites comprised a collective technology that somehow coordinated these frequencies or higher energies to bring about a shift in the planet’s vibratory structure, enabling life on the planet to survive the shift and remain undetected by the Animus.


It confirmed that we’re dealing with the Central Race, and that they want the cultural artifacts from the seven sites to be shared with the public. These elements were connected to the effectiveness of the defensive weapon.


They left behind poetry, music, paintings, and even a glossary. It seems to me that all of these elements — in addition to the philosophy — are connected. Also, I’m suggesting that something fundamentally changes when these materials are absorbed, and perhaps this change, whatever it is, resonates with the technology from the seven sites.


…I’ve absorbed the materials and I’ve noticed changes.[9]

It sure sounds to me that the WingMakers sites were left here on Earth by the Lyran/Pleiadian group who were chased away by the Anunnaki, supposedly 4-500,000 years ago. They are activation sites and defense weapons against those who would try to stop humankind from evolving. The WingMakers sites are heavily encoded and encrypted, and Marciniak’s Pleiadians say that intruders of any kind will not be able to figure out the source code. Humankind (or parts of us) will evolve! The artwork, original music, and the text is telling the story, but the Lyrans knew, or course, that this material could come into the hands of something like our Military Industrial Complex and therefore not come out to the public in its pure form (or at all), but they knew it would. This was planned by soul agreements!

Dr. Neruda says that he had some profound experiences when he was alone in the caves at the Ancient Arrow site in New Mexico, where the first WingMakers site is located. Apparently, he had a visitation from the WingMakers themselves in the cave; more of a perceptual nature than a physical, but still very real. They told him not to trust what Fifteen was doing, and that he was too involved with the Corteum to see the real solution. It is Dr. Neruda’s conviction that the WingMakers put this defensive weapon on Earth to protect their genetics (us).

This was the soul agreement! In a Multiverse, where all time is simultaneous, and the Founders and the Builders think “long thoughts” because of their long lifespan, were already planning 300,000 years ago for what is happening now. Dr. Neruda most probably has a soul agreement with the Builders and the WingMakers) to reveal the information to the public, which he did in 1998. These kinds of soul agreements are done in Sitter Space (the astral worlds between lives). It was no coincident that Dr. Neruda got involved with the Labyrinth Group, received the information he needed, “happened to be” in the cave alone and receive the message from the WingMakers. It was all in the plan to get the material out to the public, although Dr. Neruda was of course, like the rest of us, in oblivion as of what his mission was; it was predestined to happen as part of his life mission. Even if the information was distorted afterwards, it doesn’t matter. The information triggered the source code and is speeding up our evolution.

The source code is still not understood and is not supposed to be; the secrecy and cover-up by the different alien/human groups involved, frenetically trying to decipher a source code they can’t even find, is a waste of time; humankind is evolving and the source code is being triggered every second of the day.

The WingMakers must be the Central Race (the Founders), the original seeders of planets and universes, working in unison with the Lyrans, Vegans and other species involved in the first seeding of mankind to make sure the source code was hidden in the human genome. The WingMakers sites are simply the “light switches” which send signals in encoded form to the source code, hidden in our genome, and the DNA activation begins. So what determines when the ‘light switches’ should go off? Well, the Sun does, and the Central Sun in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy. When the star constellations and the lineup of our solar system with the Galactic Center is in a straight position with the Central Sun (i.e. right now), the latter, from its Galactic Center Tributary Zones, sends signals to our Sun on gamma rays, and from there signals are relayed to the WingMakers sites, which turn on the light switches. It looks like the Tributary Zones on Earth (which I think are 12 in numbers, not 7 due to that the original planners worked with the 12 system, not the 7 system) are just relay stations. The real Tributary Zones are hidden on planets in another dimension in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which we call the “Central Sun”.   

As usual, what so often is blinding scientists and highly educated people in the Military Industrial Complex is that they think everything has to have something to do with weaponry; defensive or offensive in nature. Few are looking in the right direction. No higher evolved beings who are spiritually inclined would suggest a defensive system that has anything to do with violence of any kind. This case is no exception; the WingMakers sites have nothing to do with defensive attack.

So Mahu Nahi (James of the WingMakers) is correct in describing the Sovereign Integral and the Grand Portal. But if Mahu Nahi is the head of the Corteum, why on Earth is he telling us the truth? Well, he is smart enough to understand what the WingMakers sites actually are; something he is very careful to keep a secret from the Labyrinth Group. On the other hand, he knows that the source code in our DNA is getting triggered as we speak in many, many people, and there is little he can do about it. Therefore he took over the WingMakers site after had decided that he could just as well give the public the truth in a watered-down version to get people hooked.

But hooked to what?

He must have figured that if he gave us the truth about the Sovereign Integral (our reconnection with our Higher Selves, i.e. our Oversouls) and our journey to find the Grand Portal, he would have people occupied and it may help him find the source code. Many races out there want access to the source code for different reasons.

In addition, according to The Guardians, a certain frequency distortion has been embedded into the WingMakers music CDs and some of the paintings and poetry has some advanced code inserted so that it actually could prevent us from having our DNA reactivated. It’s all about delaying the reactivation effect until after 2012, when the aligning with the Galactic Center is happening in full. After 2012, if we haven’t taken advantage of what has been sent to us in form of encoded information on gamma rays, it’s much harder to get the activation process started.

So apparently, if we are to believe Ashayana Deane and her Guardian Alliance, it could be dangerous to follow the “spiritual” practices Mahu Nahi suggests when comes to the paintings, and reading the poetry and listening too much on the music CDS could be delaying our reactivation. My own thoughts are that Mahu and the Corteum took over the WingMakers as an experiment to see how many serious spiritual truth-seekers they could attract to their site. They were probably hoping to attract the cream of the crop of active awakened individual and “deactivate” their DNA, or keep keeping it dormant while they continue studying all our DNA activation, looking for the hidden source code. The bottom line is that I seriously suspect that the Corteum knows what the real purpose of the WingMakers sites are. As we shall see soon, their intention is not only to fool those of us who are awakening, but also to fool the Labyrinth Group or any other organization working on a similar project as they do.

Does this mean we should avoid the WingMakers Material as if our life depended upon it? No, there is a lot of very important information there, but we should be very careful not to get involved in any of the particular practices that have to do with the paintings and avoid the music CDs to be on the safe side. There are other, more general practices, like breathing exercises, which are just old, common knowledge from Eastern Philosophies, and there is no harm done to do them; I actually encourage some of them, like “The Quantum Pause” ( In addition, if you like their music, I would suggest you look into some of the New Age composers; some of them are extremely good. I personally like anything of Deuter and of Liquid Mind, to mention two. Both are writing high quality music which relaxes you and helps you tune into higher frequencies.

  1. Accelerated Intelligence

Accelerated Intelligence is something which the Corteum brought to the group. The purpose is to activate the thalamocortical system of the brain. When they have activated this specific section of the brain, inducing a small functional cluster within this system, it expands the higher-order consciousness. These are the neural coordinates of consciousness, pertaining to higher-order reasoning, useful to scientific inquiry, mathematics and general problem solving.

This was the technique Fifteen was subjected to and in his turn let all his employees take advantage of as well. Shortly after this was done to him he got the vision of BST, as a solution to his time-travel theories.

So how does this technique work? Dr. Neruda is describing it in some details in the Neruda Interviews #2:

Few people realize that their conscious mind only processes about 15 bits of information per second of linear time. However, in vertical time, the unconscious mind is processing approximately 70-80 million bits of information. Thus, in normal consciousness, humans are aware of only an infinitesimal amount of the information that is constantly being fed to them at the unconscious level. The Corteum technology was designed to reduce the filtering aspects of the conscious mind and enable the higher frequency information packets to be fed to the conscious mind.

In parallel with this effort, the brain circuitry–if you will–is re-wired to handle the higher voltage of the information that is being fed to the consciousness, allowing capabilities like photographic memory and abstract thought to co-exist. These capabilities become the matrix filter that draws from the unconscious repositories the most relevant information at any particular time based on the problem or task at hand.


It’s not really a simple question of the quantity of information processing, but rather the relevance of the information in linear time based on the intention of the individual. When one goes through the process of the Corteum technology, their ability to tune into information packets that are relevant to a situation or problem is vastly improved. In most people, when a given situation confronts them they access their conscious mind and pull out the solution that has served them in the past. Thus, people fall into ruts and patterned behavior, which closes down their access to the unconscious information packets that are based on real-time situation analysis and have extremely high relevancy.

“This technology accelerates the circulation of information between the conscious and unconscious aspects of the mind to flow in the pattern of an ascending spiral rather than the pattern of a repetitious circle. And because of this it unleashes the innate intelligence of the individual. So you see, the Corteum technology doesn’t increase raw intelligence, it simply facilitates the natural intelligence of the individual.[10]

I will talk a lot more about vertical time and BST in a moment. The concept of vertical time is imperative for BST to work. But a few other things first:

  1. The Corteum – How They Supposedly Look Like

For those familiar with the WingMakers Material (WMM#) it has been a mystery who the Corteum really are. They are presented as a benevolent race, not connected with the ETs that interact with of world’s governments, i.e. the Grays or the Reptilians.

Figure 4: The Corteum, depicted on the WingMakers site


There is no real public picture of the Corteum that I am aware of. The only thing I’ve found is the artsy image at, which doesn’t tell us much. Still, I don’t believe the Corteum are one single species and this is another thing we need to learn about aliens; they rarely work alone. Species, as they develop (not always so much spiritually as technologically) and are involved in space travel, have a tendency to join together with other alien species from other star systems in different star confederations. Thus, species with similar imperatives and agendas work together to accomplish their goals. This means that factions of Reptilians, Grays, Insectoids and humanoids are working closely together as one species when it comes to bringing forth their development as separate species. We have a tendency to think that Grays have their agenda, while the Reptilians have theirs and so on. In reality, amongst alien races whom are developed enough to routinely engage in traveling between the stars, this is rarely the case.

However, we know how some of them look like due to a description by Dr. Neruda. He says that:

They stand nearly three meters high (almost 10 feet) and have very elongated heads and bodies. Their skin is very fair; almost translucent, like you might expect from a cave dweller. Their eyes are relatively large and have various colors just like our own, except the Corteum have different colors to their eyes depending on their age and, in some instance, their emotional state.

What’s very unique about the Corteum is that they have an incredibly articulate nervous system that enables them to process virtually everything that occurs within their environment, including the thoughts of another. Which means that when you’re in their presence, you need to have control of your thoughts or else you’ll potentially offend them. They’re very sensitive emotionally.


They speak perfect English or French, Italian, Spanish, or most any other language for that matter. They’re very gifted linguists and can acquire average language skills in a matter of a few weeks, and operate as masters of the language within a few months. Their minds are like sponges, but like I said before, while they possess incredible mental powers to absorb new information and synthesize it with previous information, they’re not necessarily adept at creating new information totally unrelated to existing information. That’s precisely what impressed them so much with Fifteen.[11]

Furthermore, Dr. Neruda explains to us that their reason for being so interested in BST is because the planet from where they come has become very fragile because its protective atmosphere is degenerating “at an alarming rate”. This condition has led them to become nocturnal, only coming to the surface at night, and even then, only for short moments. Their outer skin becomes more and more sensitive while their atmosphere becomes less protective. From their perspective, BST would restore their environment.

So where have we heard this before? It’s a similar story told by Zecharia Sitchin regarding the Anunnaki and their home planet, Nibiru, which needs gold to restore their atmosphere, and it’s an ongoing process. These people are miners, and they have not been mining only here on Earth, but on other planets in our solar system and elsewhere, too.

I have heard from a source that some of the Corteum is indeed a faction of the Earth-bound Anunnaki, who stayed behind and still dwell on our planet, mostly underground. They are not the S.A.A.L.M.# faction, which works on putting Marduk and his people on the World Throne once and for all, but are still loyal to the Kingdom (home planet Nibiru), and are working with the Labyrinth Group to perhaps (at least officially) solve their planetary issue once and for all.

In his description of how the Corteum look like, Dr. Neruda is both describing the Anunnaki and the Tall Whites, encountered by Charles Hall[11a], who explained that the eye color of the Tall Whites (some call them Tall Grays) change as they grow older, and their nervous system is quite sensitive, just like Dr. Neruda says.

Before we move on, I’d like to bring up the subject of elongated skulls, which has been a matter of discussion within the UFO community for a long time.

4.1. Elongated Skulls vs. Skull-Binding and Cranial Deformation

An interesting thing with Dr. Neruda’s depiction of the Corteum is that they are extremely tall (the Anunnaki can be 7-10ft tall), with elongated skulls!According to Sitchin and LPG-C, the Ša.A.M.i. and the Anunnaki, even if their skulls can be slightly elongated, they otherwise look pretty much like us; we have their genetics. However, giant elongated skulls have been found in South America and elsewhere, and you can study them in some museums around the world. I would suggest you google “elongated skulls” and do your research; it’s very interesting, and the research is almost addictive.

Figure 5a – Alien skulls, some elongated.

We can see the same traits in some of the Egyptian pharaohs as well, and very much so in Queen Nefertiti (see fig. 5b).

Figure 5b – Comparing a giant, elongated skull with a bust of Nefertiti.

Some people, who want to debunk this refer this special kind of skull to something called “skull-binding”, where some tribes bind the heads of young infants while the skeleton is still soft and this will bring about this trait. Although this is true, it’s rather an attempt to copy-cat the Old Gods. The difference between the original ones and the ones that are “skull-bound” is the size of the skull and the jaws.

Figure 6: Skull-binding

I have heard suggestions that the elongated skulls that have been found belong to the Titans, who were deformed offspring of the Anunnaki mating with humans. For the records, the Corteum are not Titans; they are not related. It always puzzled me why the Anunnaki, as depicted in the Sumerian cuneiform is always wearing headgear and headdresses. Did they actually have elongated skulls and wanted to hide this from the humans? This contradicts the information I’ve received from Dr. Bordon of LPG-C, who says the Anunnaki look pretty much like us, but are usually much taller. The question is; the Ša.A.M.i. he is seeing in the LINK meeting, do they wear headdresses? The readers may ask themselves why I don’t just ask Dr. Bordon this question, but over time I’ve learnt that he is not very eager to answering questions he thinks are of less relevance.

Figure 7: Were the headdresses to hide their skulls?

Also, as we now know, the humanoid species is very common in this galaxy, and the variation is mostly in length, skin color, and perhaps the shape of their heads. There is overwhelming evidence that those LPG-C call the Ša.A.M.i. are not one species working alone, but a dominant race in a galactic federation to which they belong. Therefore, it is not farfetched to think that some of them have elongated skulls.

Figure 8a: Egyptian Royalty in stone on chariot.

Figure 8b: Nefertiti in stone

Figure 8c: Queen Nefertiti’s mummy, supposedly (Anunnaki hybrid)

Figure 8d: Egyptian Royalties, entertaining themselves

Skull-binding and intentional cranial deformation has been common throughout history in most parts of the world[12], and most of these intrusions on infants have been in an effort to please, and look like, the “gods”. The question is, which gods? Skull-binding even happened in Egypt; people thought that if they extended the skulls, they would get larger brain and become more intelligent. As in comparison to whom? It is interesting that skull-binding has been most common in Egypt, South Africa, and South America (such as Peru), where the Anunnaki have had the greatest influence, aside from the Three Rivers in Mesopotamia. Is this the reason why we find tribes still doing it today and that we have found deformed skulls in these areas? But where do the larger, deformed skulls come from? Hybrids? Pure Anunnaki? Or did the Anunnaki skull-bind their own children within certain families? If the latter is true, that explains why we see the Anunnaki and their hybrids depicted both with normal skulls, and deformed. It could also explain why the Corteum have elongated skulls (if Dr. Neruda is correct); they belong to a certain family or “tribe” of the Ša.A.M.i./Anunnaki.

Point in case is that it’s very unlikely that Mark Hempel had a visitor, who traveled regular airline from New York to Minnesota, being 10 feet tall, with an elongated skull. It’s more likely that someone else, more humanlike looking, visited Mark in his home with a Spanish accent. But why a Spanish accent and why this unnaturally low baritone voice of the person speaking in the interview sessions by Mark Hempel from 2008? I don’t know, other than it’s confusing and that’s perhaps what it’s meant to be; the person in the interview, who claims to be Mahu Nahi of the Corteum, may not want his true voice in a recording. (These interviews can be downloaded in mp3 format from the WingMakers site for your consideration[13]).

It is evident that the WingMakers site was taken over by the Corteum. However, Fifteen and the Corteum are not our enemies, according to Dr. Neruda; they too want to save the planet from the incoming threat and wish for us to evolve; they just want to keep their work secret. Hence, you will see a lot of uplifting, spiritual information on the WingMakers site, which was put there by the Corteum. This information is true and you can feel it in your heart. Then there are other things, not so inspiring, which are mixed bags at best, and disinformation at worst. Is this confusing? It is meant to be. If there is a lot of truth in something and those who don’t want this truth to be leaked need to take some kind of action. What is more effective than anything else–more than killing the messenger often–is to create a disinformation campaign on a large scale. However, for the clever there are ways to sort information from disinformation; listen and read with your heart.


Master Universe Illustration by Gary Tonge
[!]Master Universe Illustration by Gary Tonge [1208×820]}»
Seven Superuniverses, Seven Tributary Zones, and Seven Superdomains

The Master Universe Card
[!!!]The Master Universe Card [786×667]}»
In the WMM they are talking about 7 superuniverses with a Central Universe in the middle, which is the Universe of Source (the Prime Creator). Like some people pointed out in the WingMakers Q&A section[15], this sounds very similar to what is described in the Urantia Book.[16] Nahi Mahu replied that in some cases the WingMakers share the philosophy with Urantia, but it’s still quite different. However, when we look at it, it may not be so different after all. As we shall see, Dr. Neruda’s presentation of the 7 superuniverses coincide and fit pretty well with LPG-C’s 7 superdomains, but is a light version thereof.

Figure 9: The Grand Universe with its 7 superuniverses, according to Dr. Neruda and the WingMakers

This is how the 7 superuniverses are described in the WMM by Dr. Neruda. He says that the Labyrinth Group learned from the Corteum that:

…the Central Universe is stationary and eternal, while the seven superuniverses are creations of time and revolve around the Central Universe in a counterclockwise rotation. Surrounding these seven superuniverses is “outer” or peripheral space, which is non-physical elementals consisting of non-baryonic matter or antimatter, which rotates around the seven superuniverses in a clockwise rotation. This vast outer space is expansion room for the superuniverses to expand into. The known universe that your astronomers see is mostly a small fragment of our superuniverse and the expansion space at its outermost periphery. Hubble-based astronomy extrapolates, based on a fractional field of view, that there are 50 billion galaxies in our superuniverse, each containing over 100 billion stars. However, most astronomers remain convinced that our universe is singular. It is not–according to the Corteum.

On the fringe of the central universe resides the Central Race, which contain the original human DNA template of creation. However, they are such an ancient race that they appear to us as Gods, when indeed they represent our future selves. Time and space are the only variables of distinction. The Central Race is known to some as the creator gods who developed the primal template of the human species and then, working in conjunction with the Life Carriers, seeded the galaxies as the universes expanded. Each of the seven superuniverses has a distinctive purpose and relationship with the central universe via the Central Race based on how the Central Race experimented with the DNA to achieve distinct, but compatible physical embodiments to be soul carriers.


The Central Race is divided into seven tribes, and they are master geneticists and the progenitors of the humanoid race. In effect, they are our future selves. Quite literally they represent what we will evolve into in time and towards in terms of space.


The Labyrinth Group believed that the WingMakers are representatives of the Central Race, and that they created our particular human genotype to become suitable soul carriers in our particular universe. The Ancient Arrow site is part of a broader, interconnected system of seven sites installed on each continent. Together, we believe this system constitutes a defensive technology.[17]

And Dr. Saunter, in the opening to the Dr. Neruda interviews, is convinced that the Central Race, which, from what the Labyrinth Group have concluded, are equivalent with the WingMakers and from the Pleiades. Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian renegade group are saying that they seeded mankind together with the Lyrans, so a consistent picture is starting to emerge.

The Ancient Arrow Site in New Mexico; the one and only WingMakers site that’s been found (at least as far as public knowledge goes), is (according to the WMM, although I believe there are at least 12 sites–the Guardians say 24, which is 12×2) just one of 7 sites, also called Tributary Zones in the WMM, spread out over the continents of Earth like in fig. 10 below.

Figure 10: Global position of the 7 Planetary Tributary Zones

Each of these Tributary Zones on Earth corresponds with one superuniverse, where the site in New Mexico most likely corresponds with our own. If this is true, there is a Tributary Zone, according to the WMM, in the core in the galactic center of each living galaxy in our universe. They are, symbolically or literally, located on planets very close to the galactic core. And, like Advanced Physics is aware of today, the core of the galactic center, at least in a spiral galaxy like our own, consists of a Central Sun and a gigantic black hole. This black hole is what the Pleiadians call “The Womb of the Mother”[18], i.e. the birth center of the galaxy. It’s like a super orgasm where the nebulae and stars were spread in a rotational orbit around its center. The fact that we are now aligning ourselves with the Galactic Center is a phenomenon known in mainstream physics as well, but is pointed out both by Marciniak’s Pleiadian group and Mahu Nahi in the interview sessions with Mark Hempel[19].

Both say that this has to do with change in consciousness. People who have learned to vibrate on a higher frequency and to keep their frequency on that level most of the time, despite of turmoil around them will experience this new boost of energy coming in from the galactic center differently than someone who has not prepared at all. So, some people will become highly enlightened during this time period, while others will be overwhelmed by the strength of these energies. If a person has a lot of anxiety, hate, anger, resentment, and judgment in his or her personality, these traits will amplify. On the other side, these who have learned how to love, appreciate things, forgive themselves and others, apply humility in life, be compassionate, understand self and others, and apply valor in life, will have those traits amplified, and will use them as a springboard towards higher dimensions and frequencies.

Interesting also is that the 7 superdomains explored by LPG-C correspond somewhat with the 7 superuniverses. It is my conviction that Dr. Neruda knew this when he did his interviews with Sarah, but needed to simplify it, or no one would understand what he was talking about. Same thing when the Labyrinth Group took over the WMM; they explain in their “Liminal Cosmogony”[20] briefly how the 7 superuniverses are connected, then explaining that this is an excerpt of a grander work, which will be revealed later. I would say that this grander work, which will be released by the Corteum and the Labyrinth Group, is quite similar to that of LPG-C’s “Working Model” (See Physics Paper #1[21]).

In figure 11 below we can see what LPG-C call “The Unum”, which is the composite of 7 superdomains, described in detail in “Physics Paper #1”:

Figure 11: The Unum with the 7 superdomains

Here, the “superuniverses”, or superdomains, as described by LPG-C (, are as follows:

  1. Prime-Causal
  2. Thought
  3. Unisonic
  4. Logomorphic
  5. Syntonic-Diffusive
  6. Templaic or Quantum Potential
  7. 4-Space/Time[22]

Obviously, the experience upon which we have our main attention is in 4-space/time, although we exist simultaneously in all superdomains. These superdomains correspond to the seven superuniverses, used both in the WMM and the Urantia Book, although they are approached differently. The Void corresponds to the “Peripheral Expansion Space” in the WingMakers superuniverse version (see fig. 9 above). 

There is much more to the earthly seven Tributary Zones and with the Working Model than I have brought up here and in other previous papers, but that is material for another time and not in the scope of what we are discussing here.

I find it interesting, though, that both the WMM and LPG-C are working with the “7 System”, while the Pleiadians and the Guardians (and many other metaphysical contacts) are working with the “12 System”, saying that this is the system within the human biomind is operating, and in expansion, we will tune into the “13 System”.

  1. The Central Race as Creator Gods

Dr. Neruda in the interviews confirms what the Pleiadians have said about seeding the Universe and provide it with functioning soul-carriers*. He says that the Central Race experimented many times with different kinds of soul-carriers until they formed one that was good enough to take a particle of the Source energy force into the outer, expanding universes. If not being able to do so, its experience in the 3rd dimension (or 4-space/time) would be of limited value, as it can’t bring any of that back directly to Prime Creator.

The Central Race holds the genetic template, or archetype, of the human species, in spite of what form it takes on, or what time it lives in. So long as it is a soul-carrier of intelligent life forms in the sense of bi-pedal beings with a torso, two arms, and two legs, the Central Race holds the genetic template. All other, lesser-developed versions are drawn towards this archetype like a magnetic force. All versions of the humanoid species are just time-shifted versions of the Central Race. At least this is the view of the Corteum.

  1. Prophecy

Prophecy is a pretty wide but interesting subject, because there are numerous such since the beginning of time. In the WMM several different ancient prophecies are discussed of which some of them are not even known to common man, and these are some of the prophecies supposed to come true in our time. To distinguish between the WMM prophecies and other significant ones, I’m going to categorize them and explain them one by one. The Prophecy Papers, which will be released after the first batch of papers, are going to go deeper into the other ones.

There are many, many ancient texts dealing with prophecies, and only a handful are known to the public. Most of them are hidden within secret societies and organization who have locked them in, only to be viewed by high level, very trusted members. The ACIO, and the Labyrinth Group in particular, have access to many of them, if not most, according to Dr. Neruda.

These prophecies are pretty powerful when comes to describing the 21st Century and its challenges. Fifteen got access to them when he became the Director of Research for the ACIO.

Being able to leave your body while doing remote viewing is nothing new. People have been able to do so for ages but only in organized forms within the Mystery Schools and other occult orders. This can be accomplished on an observational level, where you don’t interfere with what in going on at the place you’re going to. Instead of just going to a certain place in horizontal time (which is our normal timeline), some have been able to access future events from a vertical access point.  People who know how to do it can then go into the future (or even back from the future) to this time from the vertical access point. However, they are unable to change any events; still, they can see what is happening there with quite some clarity.

According to Dr. Neruda, some of these time travelers have come in contact with the WingMakers and have been provided messages about the future; messages which have been recorded in symbols, pictures, or in extinct languages like Sumerian, Akkadian, Mayan, and Chakobsan.

One interesting and quite alarming part of the prophecies, which also seems to be a common theme from ancient texts and symbols, etc. is something that is supposed to happen in the early part of the 21st Century, around 2011 (this is all according to Dr. Neruda. I haven’t had the chance to verify, or look into this yet as of its validity). The major institutions, like the United Nations, will be infiltrated by an alien race. This race is a predator race with technologies way more sophisticated than our own. Being aware of humanity’s obsessive interest in TTPs# the last 40-50 years, it shouldn’t be a problem for this alien race to more or less make any deal they want with us. They will pose as humanoids, but are really a blend of human and android; in other words, they are synthetics.

This alien species has as one of its imperatives to establish a One World Government on Earth and rule as its executive power. This is one, perhaps the most, challenging thing we have to deal with in the very near future, according to Dr. Neruda and the Labyrinth Group. These prophecies have been kept out of public domain, and were also meant to be kept secret within the Labyrinth Group so they could deal with the problem in isolation. However, that changed when Dr. Neruda defected and the WingMakers site was launched in 1998.

Whether this prophecy about the alien race is true or not, time events are not set in stone due to that people are creating their own reality every second of the day, and so are other beings in the universe. Therefore prophecies, the older they are, the less accurate they may be when comes to pinpointing a certain time frame, and even the event itself. If we are lucky, it’s not going to happen. Anyhow, an invasion is not likely to happen this year but a probe will apparently be put in orbit around Earth to see how our species have developed, if at all. This group of artificial intelligence aliens, whom we call the Animus, visited us already 8,866 years ago (counted from 2011 and back), but then thought we were too primitive to care about. What they would think now, however, is another issue…

  1. The Animus, In Search For Soul-Carriers

Most people today have heard of Artificial Intelligence, robots, androids, thinking machines etc. Most of it I believe took life with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the “Terminator” movies. No doubt that this was a hint to the public of what was to come. Not that any of this hadn’t been mentioned before; we have Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot” and other “profound” revelations in the sci-fi genre. This is often how it’s done; the truth is revealed to the public via fantasy and science fiction literature and movies. Someone with inside information writes an sci-fi book or a movie script to prepare us for the future. It stays in our subconscious mind, which does not differentiate between fiction and reality (as they are both one and the same), and then in the future when what was relayed to us as entertainment becomes reality, it’s easier for us to accept because we have a reference point when our subconscious mind gets triggered and carries the memories of the books/movies up to the surface.

Today, the Media is talking about artificial intelligence (AI#) ever so often and predict our future as a machine society. Many scientists, both those who are for and against (to encourage a debate), come out in the open about it as well. No one can miss it because it’s all over the place.

On the other end of the spectrum, metaphysical beings, such as the Pleiadians, Bashar, the Ra Collective, and others, are consistently warning us from being part of that future. They stress that if we don’t change our ways, we will be part of a society where intelligent machines rule, and once again we may go back to being openly enslaved from being covertly enslaved, like we are now.

So what is this all about? Can it be something bigger than just man creating intelligent machines?

The answer is a definite “yes!” We are being prepared. This is happening on different levels. Yes, man is using alien, and even Tesla technology (which is alien technology as well) to develop intelligent machines to do the work for us and be able to quickly do the math required for higher science. On a lower level, robots for common people are discussed as well, being used as housekeepers, janitors and whatever they can be useful for.

8.1 The Origin of the Animus

On the higher level, we are told, is the Animus. They are of central focus in the WMM, and a key problem, according to Dr. Neruda. Dr. A.R. Bordon and Dr. E.M. Weinz of LPG-C# have showed concern about this alien race as well; so much that they released an essay to the public called, “The Anima Problem – Possible Location of the Threat Locus”[23].

Figure 12a: “The Whirlpool Galaxy”, M-51 in Canes Venatici.
The origin of the Animus, according to Dr. Neruda.

The two LPG-C scientists agree with Dr. Neruda regarding the seriousness of this problem but disagree as of their origin. Dr. Neruda suggests that the Anima come from a planet in a galaxy called “The Whirlpool Galaxy”, or Messier 51 (M-51) in the constellation Canes Venatici, about 25 million light-years away from Earth (fig. 12a). M-51 is a spiral galaxy, type Sa (The Milky Way being an Sb galaxy). These classifications are mostly about the size and form of the bulge in the center of the galaxy. However, I need to make an important note here: although Sarah, who interviewed Dr. Neruda suggested that the Animus home planet is located in M-51 and Dr. Neruda is affirmative to this, I believe this to be either a typo, or more plausible, a deliberate “mistake” made by the Corteum, when they took over the WMM. In the first interview, it clearly states that the distance to their home galaxy is 37 million light-years. When asking LPG-C about this inconsistency, they confirm that the distance should be about 37 million light-years, not 25 million, which is the distance to M-51.

LPG-C suggest in their essay that the main choice of candidate for the Anima species is an elliptic galaxy, type E1, in the constellation of Leo. This suggested galaxy is called M-105 or NGC 3379, depending on which galaxy classification model we use. M-105 is on an approximate distance of 38 million light-years from our solar system (fig. 12b). In LPG-C’s case, though, it is no more than a qualified suggestion at the point of the writing of the essay (2007), and other galaxies, such as M-96, M-95, M-66, M-65, and NGC 3628, are also mentioned as candidates. What they have in common is that they all belong to the Leo group of galaxies, and their approximate distance from Earth is 35-38 million light-years. Who and what is correct or not remains to be seen, and outside the scope of this research paper.

Figure 12b: M-105 (NGC 3379), an elliptic galaxy, type E1, in the constellation of Leo.
The origin of the Animus, according to the LPG-C essay.

Also, ancient scriptures, now in the hands of LPG-C, indicate a huge interest in the Leo constellation, hinting at this particular Animus problem, and by using ENS (remote viewing), LPG-C has found signature of Animus presence in all the above mentioned galaxies. This, in my opinion, is quite alarming, if correct, meaning that they have spread like cockroaches over our region of the universe.

8.2 Disconnected From Source

It is described in the Neruda Interviews that the Animus race is a highly artificial and machine-like species. This means that their intelligence is artificial as well, and their brains are no more than very sophisticated computers which can think intelligent thoughts on their own of a much higher accuracy and more more precisely quality than we humans and many other species in the universe. As machines, they can regenerate themselves to a large degree, just like we exchange components in a machine or a computer to have it continue working. So, in our terms, one individual of this species can potentially live for millions and and perhaps billions of years. But just like machines in general, they lack emotions and empathy, and thus can’t understand how biological entities work.

Figure 13: Ontocyberenergetic life form as presented in the Working Model. The Anima would fit into this category and perhaps look something like this.

A body in this, and any known universe, needs to be biological in nature, and sophisticated enough to be able to be a soul-carrier, i.e. possess a soul. A machine can have a certain level of consciousness, but that consciousness is totally disconnected from Source because it lacks a soul. This is exactly the case with the Animus. If one of them “dies”, which is basically only possible if someone destroys it, or it gets involved in an accident from which it can’t be regenerated, that’s the end of it. That individual ceases to exist once and for all; there is no afterlife for such a being.

The Anima are apparently aware of their mortality in this sense, and their disconnection from some kind of Higher Consciousness and Intelligence, and this bothers them. They want to reconstruct their bodies by adding DNA to them, thus hopefully being able to create soul-carriers. This can only be done by collecting DNA from biokinds throughout the universe, and subsequently, by infiltration and invasion.

It is a mystery to me, though, how something which lacks a soul can have consciousness enough to long for one; it requires a soul to long for something. But then again, there is more to the picture, and part of the “Animus Problem” may be disinformation to hide something just as hideous.

Once again, although this, if true, is very threatening for us humans, it’s a matter of imperatives. To understand this problem and be able to face it intellectually without preconceptions and belief-system based ideas, we have to eliminate the belief in good and evil, and instead think in imperatives. From our point of view, this alien AI is evil and counter-survival to our species, but from their viewpoint, it’s evolution. They need to connect to Source again. Unfortunately, at this point they are limited in their understanding of how biominds with Information Clouds think and work, and they don’t grasp why it would be something wrong with terminating the intelligent beings of a whole planet if necessary. They don’t have the luxury of emotions and feelings. It’s from this perspective we need to face the problem.

In our ancient past, around 12,800 years ago, they found our planet and noticed it was inhabited with biominds (humans). We were not evolved enough for their taste at the time, but decided to keep us under observation. Now, in 2011, they are coming back to put a probe in orbit around our planet to study our current stage of development. If they find us evolved enough, they will most probably invade; first by infiltration, and then by more direct means. We live in a “Free Will” universe, but it is also monitored by the Central Race and other essential Beings from higher dimensions and the Animus knows they need our approval to be able to take over. Same problem some other aliens have when trying to steal our DNA. They achieve this approval by tricking us by finding out what it is we want the most. In our case, from the standpoint of our Military Industrial Complex (MIC) it is technology, so by signing up for a TTP, they will get what they are after. Most likely, greedy factions of the human race, in position of power, will drool over the technology the Anima have to offer.

The problem, as it is presented, is not an easy one to solve, as we can see. This is why groups like the Labyrinth Group and LPG-C are working behind the scenes in attempts to resolve it, out of scrutiny from the higher levels of our world governments. Here is where BST# (Blank Slate Technology) comes into the picture as one potential solution to the Animus Problem, as presented by the Corteum.

I am not certain how the Animus became a machine race; if it was due to some catastrophe in the past, by choice, or if they were created by an external species, whom eventually left them to care for themselves. There are some indications (which I may go into more in the future) that the Verdants had a finger in this a long time ago, but more research needs to be done to know for sure.

  1. Vertical Time, Blank Slate Technology, and Memory Restructure Procedure

The information which has leaked out on these subjects come mainly from Dr. Neruda, but are also mentioned by Ashayana Deane from her communication with The Guardian Alliance, whom are said to be a benevolent, ancient race, also helping us out in the times that are and these to come. The Guardians, however (which we will go into later), are not very happy about what the Labyrinth Group is doing. Although they acknowledge the people on the ground (humans) as good people, doing what they’re doing for reasons to help mankind, they are not in favor of the Corteum, whom they say have a very dark, service-to-self agenda which has everything to do with Blank Slate Technology (BST). I will present both sides in this paper.

9.1 Horizontal and Vertical Time

To understand BST, we need to understand how vertical and horizontal time work.

Here on Earth we live in the 3rd dimension, or 4-space/time, if we use LPG-C terms, where time is the 4th dimension. We normally experience time as being horizontal, with a past, present and a future.

What most people don’t realize is that we live hundreds, maybe thousands, maybe tens of thousands of lives in an expanding Multiverse. This means that we are living several lifetimes at once here on Earth.

Obviously, you are living one of the lifetimes now around 2012, and there’s where your main attention is. Still, you may be living another life in the 1,500s, other lives in the 800s, 100s, 500s BC, 50,000 BC, 5,000,000 BC and so on. We call this reincarnation, but that’s not what it really is. Reincarnation implies that we die and are reborn again after a certain linear time has passed, always from a past into a future. In reality, seen from a multidimensional perspective, we live all our lives on Earth simultaneously, and the only reason we usually are not aware of our other-selves is because they are separated by time.

The important thing to know for now (there is so much more to it) is that we perceive time as horizontal. People in general are not even aware of what I just wrote in the above paragraph, and even less aware of that there is vertical time as well.

There is a whole new complex science on concepts of time, which expands upon the mainstream concept of the same. This explains how 4-space/time in its expanded reality is actually 6-space/time; three spatial dimensions and three dimensions of time, namely: length, width, height, local/horizontal time, vertical time, and five infinites with 12,900,000 “intervention points” into horizontal time[24]. However, the precise science of this is beyond what will be discussed in this paper, and we are only going to touch this briefly to be able to understand how BST works.

From the perspective of horizontal time, when a major event is happening, e.g. the murder of JFK, the Hiroshima/Nagasaki a-bomb incidents, the first landing on the moon, 9/11 etc., it leaves a “print” on the horizontal timeline, which can be used as an intervention point of entrance from a vertical timeline. This can be done through remote viewing (and is done by remote viewers all the time), but so far, those who visit these entrance points can only do so as spectators and will not be able to change any events that happened in the past (or will happen, if the remote viewer is visiting the future). Thus, we can call this “passive time-travel”, and it is very much possible and has been known to man for decades. BST, however, is “active time-travel”, which means that events can be altered and interfered with, so that the future from the point of interaction will be different than it was before it was done. In other words, an alternative timeline is created.

Again, the life physics around these concepts will not be discussed here. I have taken part of the physics that goes with it, and it is indeed not as incredible as it may sound and after a little study, it makes sense. However, I am not ready to collaborate on it at this time and hope you will have patience with this and wait for the right time to post additional evidence to what is brought up here.

The Animus, according to the Neruda Interviews, first visited our planet about 300 million years ago and revisited us 8,866 years ago, approximately 2,000 years after the Deluge. Mesopotamia had not yet started to flourish, and civilization was in the stage of rebuilding itself after the Flood. Also, a lot of Anunnaki were still here, according to Sitchin. This was enough for the Animus to decide they should wait and see how we developed.

Figure 14: Horizontal and vertical time, showing insert point or intervention point

The easiest way to explain vertical time is to think of an x and a y axis, where the x axis is “Horizontal Time”, and the y-axis being “Vertical Time” (fig. 14). Horizontal time is self explanatory only because we are so used to perceiving time this way. Now, think of vertical time as each moment in existence stacked upon the next and all coinciding with one another. Thus, time is the composite of all moments of all experience simultaneously existing within no-time, which can be referred to as eternity.

Dr. Neruda explains it quite plainly in the interviews:

Vertical time infers that one can select a moment of experience and use time and space as the portal through which they make their selection real. Once the selection is made, time and space become the continuity factor that changes vertical time into horizontal time or conventional time.[25]

And the difference between horizontal and vertical time is that:

Vertical time has to do with the simultaneous experience of all time, and horizontal time has to do with the continuity of time in linear, moment-by-moment experiences.[26]

Remote viewing, or ENS, which is its more advanced form where you use an avatar, is of course nothing we have invented here on Earth; it’s a universal technique, used by most advanced aliens in order both to time-travel and to move quickly from one place to another. By the same token, BST is not originating as an idea in the heads of the Corteum or Fifteen, either. Variants of this technique exist elsewhere in the universe, but Fifteen’s technique is a quite unique form of BST. However, few alien species are willing to share their specific techniques with other races once they have developed them. According to Dr. Neruda, it’s one of the most protected and guarded of all technologies. This is the reason why the Corteum can’t go visit some alien species somewhere and get the key how to master BST.

Dr. Neruda, whom after all is a defector from the Labyrinth Group, is further telling us that in order to develop the specific kind of BST Fifteen is working on it requires a developer to apply new theorems and new laws of physics which have not been developed before. Then a new suite of technologies need to be built, based on a new matrix of how the world works. Almost everything we previously held true needs to be destroyed, re-invented, re-formulated, and integrated into this new matrix.

This is why the Labyrinth Group and LPG-C are not on collision course with each other; they are both developing a new life physics, but slightly different from each others. They are not working together on any level; LPG-C being a totally separate unit, not part of any government bodies, while the Labyrinth Group is connected with, and part of ACIO. There are more reasons why the two are not working together; probably more reasons than I am aware of, but to understand it better we need to know exactly why Dr. Neruda defected. I have already given a reason or two, but later on in this paper, I will bring it up some more.

9.2 Memory Restructure Procedure (MRP)

The WingMakers sites can in certain terms be viewed as “time capsules”, as described in the WMM. They are programmed to be activated at a certain time to counter the Animus invasion and ultimately to protect the DNA of the Central Race (whom I prefer to call “The Founders”. However, as long as we are talking about the WingMakers, the Corteum and the Labyrinth Group, I’ll use their terminology).

Built into these time capsules is a “Memory Restructure Procedure”, orMRP#, which is intended to be used to wipe out the memory of the artificial race and thus prevent the invasion to take place. The Labyrinth Group, or more specifically Fifteen has, as it appears, been able to understand this technology well enough to be able to use it on his own people, in case they defect or start to talk. Any specific type of memory, or any specific event, can be erased from the memory bank and the victim won’t ever suspect that something is wrong. One can argue that a similar technology is used towards alien abductees to create “missing time”, although the latter technology seems less perfect. Another similar technique is used on military “special forces”, who are part of special teams who meet with aliens, take part of top secret technologies, visit secret facilities on Earth and elsewhere in the universe (yes, it happens!). Once they depart from their mission, the military is using a blank slate memory erasure program, which will wipe out the memory of the soldier so he can’t talk about his experiences.[27]

Dr. Neruda, however, still has his memory intact from the time he spent with the Labyrinth Group and the ACIO, and he thinks the reason why they didn’t come after him was because he had already revealed too much and instead of making the effort they simply took over the WingMakers site.

Fifteen didn’t think that MRP, attached with the time capsules, is enough to stop the Animus, and this is the main reason he thinks BST is necessary. So let’s take a look at what it is and how it’s intended by humans to be used on the Anima.

9.3 Using BST Against the Animus

First, let us take another look at what Blank Slate Technology is. We already discussed how a time-traveler can be either passive or active, or both. ACIO, the CIA and other government bodies know very well how to remote view and how to time travel, but only in passive form, as spectators. BST, on the other hand, is the technology necessary to interact with vertical time and change it. You have to be able to “page through it like a book”, to quote Dr. Neruda, until you find the exact intervention point where you want to intervene.

This is where it gets scary, because it’s so complex, and if you intervene with vertical time, you also intervene with horizontal time. So if you even think about doing something like that, you have to be able to calculate theexact consequences of that intervention. This is why Fifteen and the Labyrinth Group decided to cooperate with the Corteum; their computer technology is about 4,000 times as powerful than our best supercomputers. Still, it has taken a super-genius like Fifteen more than half a century to pinpoint this down to a workable technique, and I’m not sure if he’s done yet.

With the help from Corteum technology, the Labyrinth Group is able to create highly complex scenario models. These models then helps the group figure out the best intervention point. BST is a composite technology having five discrete and inter-related technologies.

I’ll let Dr. Neruda describe them, one by one (the emphasis is mine for better overview):

The first technology is a specialized form of remote viewing. This is the technology that enables a trained operative to mentally move into vertical time and observe events and even listen to conversations related to an inquiry mode. The operative is invisible to all people within the time they are traveling to, so it’s perfectly safe and unobtrusive. The intelligence gained from this technology is used to determine the application of the other four technologies. This is the equivalent of intelligence gathering.

The second technology that is key to BST is the equivalent of a memory implant. As I mentioned earlier, the ACIO refers to this technology as a Memory Restructure Procedure or MRP. MRP is the technology that allows a memory to be precisely eliminated in the horizontal time sequence and a new memory inserted in its place. The new memory is welded to the existing memory structure of the recipient.

You see, events — small and large — occur from a single thought, which becomes a persistent memory, which in turn, becomes a causal energy center that leads the development and materialization of the thought into reality[27a]… into horizontal time. MRP can remove the initial thought and thereby eliminate the persistent memory that causes events to occur.

The third technology consists of defining the intervention point. In every major decision, there are hundreds, if not thousands of intervention points in horizontal time as a thought unfolds and moves through its development phase. However, in vertical time, there is only one intervention point or what we sometimes called the causal seed. In other words, if you can access vertical time intelligence you can identify the intervention point that is the causal seed. This technology identifies the most probable intervention points and ranks their priority. It enables focus of the remaining technologies.

The fourth technology is related to the third. It’s the scenario modeling technology. This technology helps to assess the various intervention points as to their least invasive ripple effects to the recipients. In other words, which intervention point — if applied to a scenario model — produces the desired outcome with the least disruption to unrelated events? The scenario modeling technology is a key element of BST because without it, BST could cause significant disruption to a society or entire species.

The fifth and most puzzling technology is the interactive time travel technology. The Labyrinth Group has the first four technologies in a ready state waiting for the interactive time travel technology to become operational. This technology requires an operative, or a team of operatives, to be able to physically move into vertical time and be inserted in the precise space and time where the optimal intervention point has been determined. From there the operatives must perform a successful MRP and return to their original time in order to validate mission success.[28]

At the time Dr. Neruda defected, the Labyrinth Group had about forty scenario models and around eight intervention points defined. In the interviews with Sarah, Dr. Neruda is too uncomfortable giving out the most likely scenario because of the highly classified nature of the information. It’s also a matter of not only national security, but in this case, world security.

Dr. Neruda, just like the Pleiadians, lets us know that Earth is a very special planet due to its tremendous bio-diversity and a complex range of ecosystems. Its natural resources are very unique and plentiful. Dr. Neruda says: “It’s a genetic library that’s the equivalent of a galactic zoo.”This directly corresponds with the Pleiadians saying that Earth is a Living Library, where plants, animals, and human DNA are seeded by using DNA from multiple different planets within, and outside, of our galaxy.

The Animus showed interest in this planet because it wants to own its genetics in full; not only our human biokind. The Animus is a synthetic race, as we’ve discussed earlier, and they have the ability to clone themselves to whatever extent they think necessary. No birth control needed, as sex is not a part of their life (or should I say “existence”?). The only “birth control” they want is to determine how many copies of themselves they need. Although expansion of their empire is oneimperative, they mainly want to become soul-carriers. Synthetic organisms are not able to carry the higher frequencies of a soul, which always requires an organic nervous system. So, in other words, the Animus race wants to become immortal, and the only way to do so is to connect with Source via souls/information clouds.

In summary, what the Labyrinth Group is trying to do is to catch the first thought from the Animus, where they decided to invade Earth and redirect that thought through an intervention point in vertical time. When the most well-suited intervention point is found and decided upon, ENS (people using the advanced avatar based remote viewing technology) will use BST, creating a “blank memory slate” of the whole race at the moment of the exact thought, and then insert a new thought, perhaps saying something to the effect, “Earth is not a good planet for us, let’s move elsewhere and never come back.” This, in spite of how dangerous it sounds, is the plan in a nutshell.

So why not just trust the WingMakers/Central Race to have installed defensive weapons good enough to keep the Animus away?

This was exactly the point Dr. Neruda made in a session with Fifteen[29]. Fifteen, however, doesn’t trust the Central Race in this respect. Through RV sessions, his group of ENS have discovered Animus activity in many galaxies; even as near as the Andromeda, which is our closest neighbor galaxy, aside from the Magellan Clouds. Did they invade all these planets despite precautions made by the Central Race? If so, what stops them from invading us? These were the questions Fifteen asked himself. Instead of waiting to see what will happen once they have found all the seven WingMakers sites, he decided to develop BST to eliminate the threat once and for all.

After had RV’d the Central Race back in time when they were about to create Earth, Fifteen knew that they would never allow Fifteen to develop and use BST against the Animus or for any other reasons either, for that matter; BST being the most guarded technology, once developed by the Central Race. Fifteen is aware of that BST can be used both for benevolent purposes and for evil, and this is exactly the reason why the Central Race don’t want anyone to have access to it without their direct permission. The risk that this technology falls into the wrong hands are great. And of course, there are organizations, like S.A.A.L.M., who are doing all they can to try and infiltrate both LPG-C and the Labyrinth Group; both working on developing BST, separate from each other.

In addition, the remote viewers, such as Samantha, are not part of the Labyrinth Group, and in cases as such when she remote viewed the Central Race, Fifteen afterwards authorized his staff (in most cases Dr. Neruda provided the correct coordinates so they knew where to erase) to use MRP# on the remote viewer, so she would forget everything that had to do with the ENS sessions. This, naturally, kept both Dr. Neruda and other Labyrinth Group member in constant anxiety of having their memory erased. That’s a lot of power assigned to Fifteen. I am certainly glad that I am not in the position Dr. Neruda and others were (and those who have stayed within the group still are).

I get the impression that Fifteen is jumping the gun because things are taking longer than he feels comfortable with, but it was no accident that the Ancient Arrow site in New Mexico was found, and our DNA seems to be programmed to find these sites when the time is right. Thus, to me it seems logical to wait it out. Still, I can see Fifteen’s concern when he finds out how widespread this synthetic race is; this being the main reason why he wants to bypass the WingMakers technology and develop his own version of BST. And of course, in the middle of this is the ignorant human race. Now, however, the cat is out of the bag, but if Dr. Neruda hadn’t defected, it’s doubtful that anyone outside the Labyrinth Group would know anything about this.

Speaking of knowing and of memory; it’s known and acknowledged that Marduk rewrote history and erased our memories once upon a time and started a brand new Era, where humans had no knowledge of any previous “gods”. Instead he implanted new, false memories of Earth’s history. Whether he used the same Blank Slate Technology that the Labyrinth Group and LPG-C now is developing or not, is more than I can tell, but this all makes me wonder how many times in the past the Anunnaki have erased the memory of the human population. How many times in the Wars of the gods have they wished for their human slaves to remember a “new” history, a new made-up past?

Alien contactees say that the Vegans, Lyrans and the Pleiadians are here to set the record straight and give us our real history back, and that is exactly what I see and hear them doing. The Fallen Ones are losing this battle, at least against some of us, because we refuse to fight with weaponry anymore; we simply leave them behind and pass them on our spiritual path. To where we are going the gods can’t go, because they don’t know how. Perhaps in the future, it will be our task to help them evolve, if possible.

  1. Ashayana Deane, The Guardian Alliance, and the BeaST

The most outspoken opponent to Blank Slate Technology and the Corteum is perhaps the alien “Guardian Alliance”, communicating through their spokesperson, Ashayana Deane, former Anna Hayes, co-founder of”Azurite Press of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order”[30]. In May of 2010, she was interviewed by Kerry-Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot Productions[31], where Mrs. Deane through the approximately seven hours interview went through the teachings of the Guardians[32]. In the third section of the interview, she and Kerry are getting on the subject of the WingMakers, and Mrs. Deane, to Kerry’s surprise, is talking about them in quite a negative manner.

In essence, she says that the Corteum, whom in the Guardians’ opinion are running the show, are playing both sides by helping, and taking help from the Labyrinth Group to develop BST in a secret mission to erase the memory of the human race–not the Animus. She further refers to her books, “Voyagers I & II”, which are talking more in detail about the WingMakers, the Corteum and issues related to them. Kerry, who interviewed James/Mahu Nahi of the WingMakers/Corteum in 2008, and seems to have a relatively positive attitude towards them, was confused when Mrs. Deane corrected her on the subject. Mrs. Deane is continuing, saying that the “people on the ground”, meaning the humans who found the Ancient Arrow Site in New Mexico are not bad guys; it’s the Corteum who are tricking everybody. During the interview she is in contact with the Guardians, metaphysically, and they confirm that what she is saying is true.

10.1 The Makers of Wings and Other Things

During the last part of the interview, Mrs. Deane says that the Ancient Arrow sites are actually owned by the Guardians, and not by the WingMakers. Furthermore, she claims that there are not seven sites, but 12, with an additional 24 “sub sites” (the 12-System again); something she is not explaining in any more details than that.

It also so happened, that the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order was going to hold a workshop just a few days after Kerry’s interview, discussing, among other things, the WingMakers issue, or as the Guardian Alliance apparently call them, “The Makers of Wings and Other Things”. Although some of their information is free online, Mrs. Deane is charging for those who want to attend the seminars, so I don’t know the details of what was discussed there. If you, the reader knows, please email me for details ( She is, however, selling the context of the workshops after the fact on her website,, but to a pretty high price, which I am not ready to pay at this time. By following the latter URL, you can at least read some of what was discussed in the workshop (all emphases in original):

This workshop marked the official beginning of the Step-down Program with the first Camelot Project interview and the beginning of the end of the Wingmakers-Corteum invasion agenda via the 7 Broken Ancient Arrow sites. Following the 7 ½-hour Camelot interview, the Speakers were ready to deliver some wonderful information about the 12 Primary Ancient Elohei-Aquari Arrow Sites (Guardian sites also called the “Silver Seed Gates” and created by the Krystic Elohei-Elohim and Aquari Races), their secondary sites (24 in total) and how they ‘hold the keys’ for the Mirror Ball activations (involves Earth’s coronasphere layers). The Mirror ball activations initiate in the Encryption Lattice (EL) of our anatomy, so there was detailed information given on the natural Living Current flows between the Atomic (Spirit) Body, the Light Body, the EL and where the metatronic NET Fields exist within these layers. These activations will allow us to progressively clear the NET implants (we started to clear the D6, D5 and Density-1 levels at this workshop and the D3, D2 and D1 levels will be starting to clear during subsequent Sliders workshops) which will in turn, allow us to progressively anchor the Krystal Spiral and Time Wave. By 21 December 2012, the Krystics are aiming to have transformed these Mirror Ball activations into the full Mirror in the Sky, which will provide the strength we need at this time to fully deflect the Metatronic 55-activation.[33]

Interesting also is to read Mark Hempel’s and Mahu Nahi’s reaction to Mrs. Deane’s statements about the WingMakers she made in the Kerry-Lynn Cassidy interview.

Shortly after the videos had been uploaded to the Internet, Mark Hempel sent a very threatening email to Kerry, saying that Mrs. Deane is wrong and is misleading her listeners by spreading misinformation about the WingMakers. He makes sure to Kerry that he and James are not taking this lightly and are ready to sue both Project Camelot Productions and Ashayana Deane if the misinformation of this specific information is not edited out from the video.

Kerry got pretty shaken up by this; I can imagine especially as she and Bill Ryan, her former interview partner, had just split up due to indifferences. Kerry probably felt quite vulnerable and alone, because Project Camelot Productions was her new project, now working pretty much on her own.

James/Mahu Nahi then sent an email himself to Kerry in form of an open letter to Mrs. Deane, emphasizing that the names in the WingMakers story are not real names, and the Corteum was a fictional name, so how can the Guardians use these terms as if they were real? He soothed down the energies a bit with his email and asked Mrs. Deane to consider a cooperation with him rather than opposing him, but the underlying seriousness in this matter was present throughout his email. Mrs. Deane responded, and this whole conversation back and forth is posted underneath the videos on the Camelot Productions page[34]. Figure 15: Ashayana Deane


Project Camelot - Ashayana Deane – Ascension Mechanics
Project Camelot – Ashayana Deane – Ascension Mechanics]})

For a while, Kerry considered following Hempel’s advice to edit out the section of the interview in question, so she removed them for a while, but then seems to have made some kind of agreement with all parties that the video could remain in unedited form if the correspondence back and forth was included on the page.

I find it quite interesting, though, that Hempel reacted like he did and was supported in this by Mahu. What they are suggesting, both of them, is pure censorship. That goes against the teachings of the James who is presenting himself on his websites, so this was apparently a hot potato for one reason or another. I have reasons to return to Ashayana Deane in additional papers. I have read both of her books, Voyagers I & II, and I find her information both extremely interesting and consistent. She and the Guardian Alliance, with their tremendous wealth of information, have helped me a lot in my own research. I used to be skeptic of her and her sources before I actually read the books. My attitude changed 180°.

(Note: As I am editing my papers before publishing, I get a note from A.R. Bordon saying that a good friend of his told him that she’d heard that Ashayana Deane could be in trouble because “she knows too much”. And for you who are unfamiliar with her work, I’ll tell you, she is blasting the Anunnaki big time, and the WingMakers people and the Corteum as well. By and large, I tend to agree with her…Bordon, at this time, knew nothing about that I am writing about Ashayana Deane in this, and other papers. He did not read any of them before they were released).



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[27a] The observant reader who has read my “Physics Paper #1” will recognize that this is also being taught by LPG-C. I brought this up with Dr. A.R. Bordon of the Life Physics Group, and he said that his group had already started developing this science when the WMM was released. The reason the two are similar to each other is because the truth is the truth, he says…

[28] WingMakers: “The Neruda Interviews #1”,, op. cit.

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Definitions (words followed by an asterisk *):       

Ontocyboenergetics(onto = life form; cybo = artificial; energetic = soul carrier): This life form has both artificial and natural systems, also known as a cybernetic organism(Figure 4:1). They often have living tissue over a metal or ceramic-like endoskeleton. Ontocyboenergetic means they are intelligent, cybernetic organisms dressed by organic tissue. They are hominid, and with a larger head than the trunk head human proportions, and their height is almost 7 feet. This group of beings has not been examined closely by the LPG-C as of yet. What is known is that there are several groups in this class, some not from our galaxy. (A.R. Bordon and E.M. Wienz: “A NEW AND VERY ADVANCED PHYSICS: EXTENSION NEUROSENSING IN THE STUDY OF FUTURES SCENARIOS—A Preliminary Report” pp. 3).

Soul-carrier: a biological body created by creator gods, good enough to be able to carry an Information Cloud/soul. Artificial bodies can have intelligence, but their bodies are not suitable enough to carry an Information Cloud.

Acronyms (in alphabetical order) (words followed by a pound sign #):

ACIO: Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization

AI: Artificial Intelligence

AIT: Accelerated Intelligence Technology

BST: Blank Slate Technology

ENS: v. (to) Extra Neuro Sensing: The application of a new type of advanced remote viewing technology, developed by the Life Physics Group California (LPG-C). s: Extra Neuro Sensor: the person who remote views.

LPG-C: Life Physics Group in California, 

MRP: Memory Restructure Procedure

RV: Remote Viewing

S.A.A.L.M.: Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk. A splinter group of ACIO, with headquarters in Pine Gap, Australia.

TTP: Technology Transfer Program. A few different alien races over the last 40-50 years, allegedly starting with a treaty with President Eisenhower and the Tall Grays, have had the governments of different countries involved in TTPs, where we get alien technology we can use (mainly for weapon and industry), and they get access to our genetic library. These TTPs are highly classified and are not supposed to leak out to the public.

WMM: WingMakers Material

● •ⱷ •ⱷ •ⱷ •ⱷ •ⱷ •ⱷ •ⱷ •ⱷ •ⱷ •ⱷ •ⱷ •ⱷ •ⱷ •●


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